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Sunday, October 28, 2018

I've had this dream/goal of getting back to weighing 130 for the longest time, over 14 years now! And now, it is finally looking like it will become a reality! I'm so excited! But with that, I'm looking at setting other goals as well. Today's Spark Coach was to set longer term goals and look at what goals I have. So here goes!

I don't want to be just 'skinny,' I want to be healthy and fit. And while I've had the intention to work out, having several surgeries this year has interrupted my usual routines and I've not gotten back in the habit. So I have several steps to this goal of becoming fit and strong and flexible again. First is to start walking this week, at the park with my dog, then to get on the bike or the treadmill when I get home until I reach my goal of 6k steps for the day. Add strength training and stretching to that. Start small and work my way up. My long term goal for this is to be able to lift as much as I used to, do as many push ups, etc.

My weight goal is 130, but I have a few mini goals along the way. Once I get to 130 I want to see where my body feels comfortable, not be set in a specific scale number, but be flexible and see what feels best. Then make sure I can maintain that weight. I'm going to be getting skin surgery at least on my stomach and thighs, that will take a while to save up for, so I need to be at a weight that I can stay at comfortably. I'm short, so 130 is at the top of the chart for me, so I will have a lot of flexibility in this.

Another goal is to get into my hobbies more and possibly start my own Etsy store! I love to crochet and am learning how to sew. I'd love to get good enough at both to be able to sell my stuff. Make a little extra income for the family. I haven't felt like doing either because I've been in a funk, but I'm betting that once I get off of my bum and start exercising again, I'll have the focus and energy to get into it again.

Gosh, I haven't thought about goal setting in a while. What else do I want to make more than a dream but an actual goal to turn into a reality?

I think that really depends on where I am at health-wise once I reach my weight/fitness goals. I'll have more energy, feel better, be willing and able to do more... but I need to think about my mental and emotional health as well. I think it will be good for me to reevaluate my goals, look into things I want to do, and see where that takes me. I bought, for the first time ever, a goal planner for 2019. I can't wait till it gets here and I can sit down and think over these things. In the meanwhile, I'll be thinking over what I want to accomplish in 2019, not just for weight and fitness, but for myself and my family.

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