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Seizures Update and Pickles the Dog

Monday, November 12, 2018

Saw my Psychiatrist today for my follow up from the hospital. No driving for 4-6 more weeks. I hope DH's work stays understanding for him having to do all of the driving. I had a possible seizure Sunday night. I say 'possible' because this is all new to me and it's turned my world on it's ear. The doctor now thinks that this has been going on longer than we thought, I don't notice the 'smaller' Absence seizures when I'm not driving because I can't tell that I've lost time, and most people don't notice it. My therapist has epilepsy, so she noticed it right away.

Scary stuff right there. I don't know when or if another will happen.

I've slowly been getting less and less sleep over the week since I got out of the hospital. Last night a got a total (cumulative) 1 hour-ish of sleep. Trying a new sleep med tonight to see if that helps.

Pickles. Rescue pup. Had been on the streets for at least 7 months before we got him at a little over a year old. We've had him 5 years now. I noticed that he was in a weird position when he tried to go potty and he just looked at me pitifully. I told DH, and he said it would have to wait till payday. I left it at that (he gets bladder infections every couple of months). The girls get home and take him out and notice more. He can't go potty, he's red and swollen, I don't remember what else. DH said call the vet, he has to go now. So we got their last appointment of the day. He had bladder stones a full bladder of them! And a blockage, so he couldn't go potty. Emergency surgery for Pickles. They kept him over the weekend. It was so touch and go that the vet that owns the clinic, who did the surgery, took him home to make sure he had pain meds and to check on him throughout the night.

I'm happy to say he is home, though he is unhappily in his kennel. He has one of those cones on and does not like it one bit. His poor tummy looks terrible from the surgery, I just about cried when I saw it. But he's getting loving and lots of attentions whenever we take him out. Has to be when Hope, my puppy is not out, she is a boisterous 6 months old and he can walk under her already! Or one of us will go hang out in the basement with him for a few so he can stretch his legs and go out and potty.
This is Pickles (before surgery, of course)

Hoping tonight I sleep finally and that Pickles is able to find a comfy way to sleep with that cone on! And that your night is restful too!

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