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Love Your People Well

Thursday, November 29, 2018

I heard these four words while watching a video about the goal planner I bought for next year (currently working on and loving it!). And the way it was explained, I fell in love with the idea of it. I want to love my people well, whether it is saying I love you, baking them cupcakes, having a heart to heart, or making sure the house is clean for them. In any way that I can, I want to love my people well. I want them to know I love them, even if it means just a text message to say I'm thinking of them.

I think that part of loving my people well is taking care of me as well, so that I am able to be there to take care of them. So that I am well enough to do the things I want and they need, or show the love and affection that I want to convey. It's hard to be loving and understanding when you are feeling crummy and have a migraine. Or keep a clean house when you are stuck in bed with pain. I want to be as present for my family and friends as I can and the last few weeks, stuck mostly in bed with a killer migraine, I feel like I have failed in some way. I know I have not, I could not help it, but I disliked being out of commission for so long (4 weeks!).

I don't want to be pulled in a million different directions and over-extend myself trying to do it all. I'm working on my goal planner to take things as slow and simple as I need to. Another thing said in the video was, "just take the next best step." That's it. When overwhelmed or stuck, just figure out what the next best step is, and take that step, worry about the rest as you come to it. For someone with anxiety this is difficult, but I'm going to try to keep these words in my mind to help me stay focused. I am not superwoman, I can't do it all, but I can do what I am able. And I think I will find as my health improves (hopefully) that will be more and more.

Just a little something that has been on my mind and I wanted to share.
Hope you have a Spark*tastic day!!

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