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Goals, Goals, Goals!!!

Sunday, December 09, 2018

emoticon Coffee and the Grace of God got me through yesterday and getting more things done. And my kiddos helping. They are wonderful. Sometimes sneaky, but wonderful, lol.

So I'm doing a goal planner this year, and I'm in love with the one I've got. I love the format, how much it has made me really think and plan, I'm still working on it, but I have 8 main goal areas to work on this next year. Now I'm working on my why's and actionable first steps.

My main goal areas are not what I thought they would be: Recreation, Work, and Spiritual/Personal Growth.

Recreation: I don't take enough (or any) time for my hobbies any more. I can't tell you the last time I crocheted. I have not taken any classes on sewing and my paint by number paint is probably dried out. My goal is to set aside time daily to do at least a few minutes of a hobby. It helps me unwind, de-stress, and get creative. One of my goals is to learn to sew this year. I want to take classes, get tutoring, something! I've always wanted to learn to sew, DH got me a nice sewing machine, and I hate for that to go to waste.

Work: I'm a homemaker, Stay At Home Mom. I hate cleaning. Which is funny, because I used to clean houses for a living. Getting a cleaning schedule, and just stopping procrastinating and getting it done will be important. Doesn't matter if I like it, it is my job to keep my house clean for my family. Now don't get me wrong, they help. But the majority of it falls on me. But homemaking is not just cleaning, it's meals and creating a safe space for my kids and hubby to come home to. It's so very much more, and I have not been doing the best job at it. But! No looking back, just looking forward from now on, to what I will do and can do to make my house a home for my family!

Spiritual/Personal Growth: I bought me and my friend who lives a few states away journals for reading the Bible in a year. I think we are both stuck on about day 14. That was two months ago. So, starting that back up with a prayerful heart. I need to be in prayer more, and I need to find a Bible study to do with my girls on who Jesus is. My oldest is to the point where she is questioning what she believes and needs to dive deeper into this. She's asked me to help her, but I don't feel like I can do it on my own, I need resources to help me! Personal growth... I need to be more active in church, which is hard because our church is so small. I don't have any friends in the local area any more, they have moved. So I have friends all over the US and Canada, but none local that I can have a girls night with or anything. Need to remedy that, but I've never been good at getting over that awkward getting to know you stage.

The key will be to take it slow and not expect myself to get it all at once. I'll be recovering from hernia surgery, so the slow part shouldn't be too hard, lol. I'm a procrastinator and perfectionist and it has only gotten worse with age. I know this is going to be a big thing to overcome and I'm determined to do so! I'm still trying to find my word of the year, but I'm sure if I keep searching, it will come to me. Last year it was Bloom. I haven't blossomed in the ways I thought I would, but I did in other ways.

Well, today is surgery prep day, but gotta wait till the house wakes up. So I'll probably not be on for a day or so.

Til then,
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