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Mad Dawg Doing the Work

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Sparkers, The transition to the new gym is going very well. It has been easier than I thought. Parting with my beloved Andrew was the hardest part and that happened weeks ago.

The new gym is amazing. It's enormous. Four floors. Yes, you read that correctly. Four floors. It has an indoor track, indoor turf soccer field, indoor swimming pool, and an indoor rock climbing wall that is 4 stories high. There are many classrooms for yoga, TRX, spin, zumba, etc. There are racketball courts and basketball courts. There is a weight room just for women. There are at least three other weight rooms and two huge cardio rooms. There is a conference room for meetings with the dietitian or classes on health and nutrition. And the locker rooms are gorgeous: steam room, sauna, towel service, and shower stalls that are half as big as my entire bathroom at home. It comes with 4 assessments and nutrition coaching sessions. The cost for all of this? $50 per month. I'm giddy. (I was paying $432 per month at Spectrum.) They also have at an additional fee: trainers, a registered dietitian, physical therapists, And I can order a smoothie made with fresh ingredients. I'm swooning.

The fancypants Peloton bike was a little harder for me to work into my routine, but I took care of that. There is a huge Peloton group on Facebook and they organize 8 week challenges. So I signed up for it. Dan did, too. It starts January 7. Since strength training is MWF, I'm doing the 8 week challenge on TThSa. I did a "live" ride this morning to get a feel for what the challenge will be like. (The class was streaming in real time, it wasn't pre-recorded.) I already know that I didn't push as hard as I should have when I did the baseline "power zone" test. I worked hard this morning but I had plenty of energy left at the end of the hour on the bike. I shouldn't have. I should have been a spent, sweaty mess. I will retake the test in order to establish a better baseline once the challenge starts.

Owning a fancypants bike, and going to a fancypants gym is all very nice, but I have to show up and do the work if I expect any results. And I am showing up. I am surprised that there was no gap between Spectrum and the new gym. The early morning MWF workout schedule holds. The office manager at Spectrum gave me a copy of my chart from the last 12 weeks, so I have 36 workouts already done for me. No excuse there.

The challenge has given me a focus that I didn't have with the bike previously. I'm pretty pumped about it. I'm engaged with the other people on the Peloton page. I looking at the charts that the software produces after a ride so I can see where I am doing well, where I can improve, and measure my progress.

One small observation... Pat from the 6AM Crew sent me a text Friday morning. He was sad that I wasn't there and he said that his workout was boring. He was working out with Cheryl and Paul. The new trainer at Spectrum is very good. I expected him to be sad. I didn't expect a message saying he was bored. I did my workout at the new place; all alone but surrounded by strangers. It didn't even occur to me that I could be bored. I had an appointment to take care of myself. I kicked my own butt and it was good.

It all comes down to what are you bringing to the workout, Sparkers. Why are you there? You gotta do the work. It doesn't matter how much or how little you pay. It doesn't matter if you work out at home, in a fancypants gym, or in the neighborhood. It's still on you to put on your sneakers and get moving. It's on you to have a positive attitude. It's on you to have a goal that will keep you going (and it isn't going to be a number on the scale, I guarantee it.) It's on you to try new things and challenge yourself. In the end, you gotta do the work.
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