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New/old routines and aging/changing women's bodies

Thursday, January 03, 2019

TMI warning.
Like ONEKIDSMOM, I've had some issues in the nether regions for a while and I saw a specialist. Thanks to OKM, I had some advance notice of what to say, ask and expect as results. It helps to share so here goes.

My "bottom line" (pun intended) is, I can't ignore that I'm getting old(er).
Two kids, multiple surgeries for cervical cancer, surgical menopause, obesity, heavy lifting and gravity have all worked against me. I have a moderate bladder prolapse, overactive bladder and my interior girl parts need estrogen.
The good news is she is hopeful estrogen may help the whole symptom thing. Following some of OKMs' routine I'm trying to "hold it" longer as the bladder triggers the brain and vice versa, For example hearing running water or seeing a toilet sign!

When I described my exercise routines such as crunches on the stability ball, I was given the NO, don't do that and YES to planks. Do Keigels til the day I die. She doesn't want me straining in certain ways. No HEAVY lifting as in picking those 40 pound bags of salt or people even like my 8 yr old grandson.
Boy this getting older yet fit thing is getting difficult!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sooooo many of us in your club.
    I had two big babies and things just detiorated the older and heavier I got.
    I had such a hard time doing the kegels effectively until I discovered bridges, with their top of the mocpce squeezing and have done those ever since.
    It is still there but not a big problem at all anymore!
    547 days ago
    Holy, aging is NOT for wimps. It is more livable with knowledge, info, girl talk, and the willingness to do something about it. Kegels have been a part of my life...like forever. Phew! My bestie had to have bladder surgery this past summer. She’d tried all noninvasive options for quite so time...no luck. It took HOURS for her to be positioned on the table. A robot was doing the wrap in mesh repair. Oh wait, a tiny hole discovered during the surgery also had to be repaired. Imagine recovering from 11 hours of anesthesia, major surgery, annnnnnnnd you’re the healthiest one in your fam. (Her hubs has ALS). Yep, major cheers for listening to OKM and taking the initiative. I believe I’ve been in the “Get busy and do some planks” camp for quite some time!!! Hahaha, you’re welcome. Get it girl, power lifting days are over. Bicep and tricep work...yes please!
    Strong is hot, knowledge is power...especially when our knowing and doing hang out together!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    547 days ago
    Aw man - welcome to the Urge Incontinence club! One of my souvenirs of childbirth was a 3rd degree perineal tear, so if I don’t pay attention as my bladder fills up, in that final desperate rush to the potty I’m certain to pee myself a little, sometimes a lot...
    She rarely lets me sleep thru the night either. Good luck w/the Kegels; I think they help a bit but I’m not as handy as my mares at “winking”. Losing a little weight has helped too.
    547 days ago
    I just wrote on OKM's blog that she was surely helping some of us older ladies. And here your are. So far I only sometimes risk leakage when I sneeze. I'm paying attention to you guys.
    547 days ago
    After DS#2 … who weighed 10 1/2 pounds at birth … my uterus prolapsed onto my bladder. OUCH.

    Dribble, dribble … toil and trouble. Surgery and Kegels to the rescue.
    547 days ago
    Oh getting older is definitely for sissies. Nope. Wishing you luck w/your treatment. HOpe it helps.
    547 days ago
    Glad I gave you the nudge to have your particular situation looked at. I'm happy that I'm seeing progress *without* resorting to meds. You know me, from childhood up, resist medication!

    Hope you also see good results.
    548 days ago
    I think the old, "Getting older isn't for sissies!" Saying applies here. I had the teacher's disease of an inflamed lining of the bladder. Not fun! Then later, I had leakage too. Now, I drink lots of water but make it earlier in the day (less nighttime leaking). I'm surprised that at 65 I've improved. But...I had lots of doctor's appointments, prescriptions and treatments. I think we're all in this together!
    548 days ago
    Very hopeful news, absolutely -- after all you've been through -- and it's wonderful the info which gets shared here absolutely without fear of TMI!!!
    548 days ago
    My mother-in-law used to complain all the time as she got older of how fatigued she was every single day! ...( Now that I am the age she was when I listened to her, I do all I can to take rest breaks during the day and try to get a good night sleep! ...And thank you for that reminder about doing kegall exercises every day!
    548 days ago
    At age 32, after delivering my preemie son in 1984 with much difficulty, it was suggested by everyone alive that I was not cut out for childbirth. I had small bones, small birth canal, I puked for 9 months straight, etc. My medical doctor, who got into a fight with my obstetrician over me, said to me, "NO MORE CHILDREN!!!" Postnatal, I would sneeze and peepee would fly - stress incontinence. My medical doctor introduced me to kegeling at that time and I have done it since then. I'm an expert kegeler. I kegel everywhere and it works! So welcome to our Kegel Club. Arnold Kegel, our deceased leader, was a pretty good looking guy when he was young. You can thank him for not having to live in Depends. It's okay if you scream his name in times of passion whether it's from not peeing your pants when you hear water running or from something else. LOL.
    548 days ago
    My mom always said "getting old sucks" and she was right. Gravity is not our friend and the stuff you have been through stinks, but Yea for being able to do something about the woes. Blessings!
    548 days ago
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