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I found my weight loss formula...

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Being genetically predisposed to insulin resistance/type 2 diabetes and primary hypothyroidism I had my work cut out for me early on. I wasn't a hypocrite. I did the exercise and I restricted my calories to minimal success. The things that worked in my 20s no longer worked in my 30s.

My breaking point was when we had hiked over 13 miles on vacation and after returning home I had developed a rash on my left breast and back which turned out to be shingles. It wasn't as painful as most people experience but it drained every last bit of energy out of my body. It was a turning point.

I had set my husband up with a cpap and played respiratory therapist to him and afterwards promised it was my turn to take care of myself. I had survived preeclampsia and postpartum hemorrhage and a germ-cell ovarian tumor. I had tried everything to keep my weight down, including 600 miles on a stationary bike over the cold months but was unsuccessful.

I have now lost most of the weight and am keeping it off. This is my weight loss formula:

1. Chiropractic. My body was badly out of alignment and so I was in chronic pain. Without realizing it, I was medicating this pain with food.

2. Hypothyroidism. I wasn't on enough thyroid. Your fasting thyroid and your nonfasting thyroid will give you wildly different TSH read outs. You can be a 1 while fasting, but escalate to a 2 while nonfasting. You may have terrible thyroid uptake while eating. Some people are simply slow metabolizers. How you take your thyroid and what kind of thyroid we take also matters. Thyroid hormone binds with vitamins and minerals, therefore you must take it on its own on an empty stomach. Synthetic thyroid doesn't often optimize your thyroid. NDT contains all forms of thyroid, easily metabolized by your body.

3. Parasites. I didn't see a change in my body until I did a few weeks of diatomaceous earth in water. I never went above a tablespoon a day and discontinued the de after two weeks. It will get rid of parasites but it will also deplete your beneficial bacteria.

4. Probiotics. Pro-15 is a wonderful probiotic. You can take it untraditionally to quickly repopulate your gut. Sometimes taking probiotics can be problematic because they aren't buffered, so they dissolve in stomach acid. They can also contribute to sibo if they survive the stomach acid but start releasing too early in digestion.

5. Your environment. We had a wet moldy basement. When constantly closed in that environment all winter, you can imagine the chronic fatigue and headaches. When we fixed this it contributed greatly to healing my body.

6. Low carb and and carb cycling. I tried the ketogenic diet but it was too restrictive. I found low carb, carb cycling, and intermittent fasting was the perfectly engineered missing cog that kick started my watch.

7. Berberine. Because I am a survivalist body type, I am insulin resistant. Taking berberine along with low carb seemed to be necessary to help my body process the carbs that I do eat.

8. Dietary staples. Chia seeds to get the daily fiber. 2 tablespoons is the drv of fiber. Almonds, they're a low-carb superfood, eggs, some carbs every day (oh yes), and the occasional erythritol bomb. You have to give yourself some fun in life. You absolutely can have your occasional pizza and junk food binge, and that will actually help keep your basal metabolic rate elevated.

9. I'm still in the process of healing and losing weight. I just do chores and run my basement stairs twice daily for exercise. The cliches are true. Abs are built in the kitchen and you can't outrun a bad diet.

10. Last, and possibly most important is your spiritual life. Time for Jesus, prayer, and the bible. Supportive friends. Self acceptance of your curves. You can be so happy in an 8/10. You do not have to be a size 6 to be happy and healthy. The one thing that was breaking my spirit was being around people that made me feel I could never measure up. You must absolutely avoid people who are in constant judgment of you. At the same time, you must find a way to forgive them constantly. Any time you are angered by what anyone has done to you or even anger at yourself, you must be in a perpetual state of forgiveness. Even if those people or situations are in the past, any time you feel new anger or regret, lay it constantly at the feet of Jesus! Realize that when you are saved by grace, you are forgiven of past, present, and future sins!

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