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Why I Started this journey, and Why I continue/ What I am Doing right.

Sunday, February 03, 2019

When I originally started my weight-loss journey, it was a “no-brainer” of a choice: I weighed 150 kilos (330 lbs). My knees hurt, and while I still could walk a fair amount, I avoided a lot of things (like going up and down the three flights of stairs of my apartment building. I also was fed up with people often viewing me purely as “overweight”, without seeing anything else.

And as I lost, I vowed that I would NEVER regain that weight (I had once lost some 30 kilos and regained it all very quickly)! And, indeed, I did keep the weight (75-80 kilos lost) off for several years. But over the last two years or so, I have gained back about 15-20 kilos, and I watched in horror as it happened, concerned yet not taking enough steps to conteract my weight gain. I was , at least, able to stop the gaining about 9 months ago.
But I felt heavy. Hiking in the Rockies when I visited my mom was again easier said than done. And finding clothing I liked was -again- a chore.

That’s when I faced the reality. If I wanted to lose the excess weight, I would need a plan—and to keep revising it, until it WORKED. And, finally, it is!

The one thing that REALLY worked in my favor, was that I NEVER GAVE UP. Even when I did stupid, stupid, things. Because giving up means going back to 150 kilos. I want to be healthy. I want to be able to hike and walk, and dance, as long as I am alive.

So what am I doing right this time?
1) I am really trying to work on my sleep.
2) I made a plan to target my biggest reason for slip-ups.
3) I exercise several times a week.
4) I track, even on days that I eat too much (it keeps me from diving off the deep end).
5) I make sure to have fun!
I have done it before.
I CAN do it now. And I am doing it now!
And I will continue to do it -as needed- for as long as I live (G-d willing).
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