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How often do you weigh?

Thursday, February 21, 2019

I'm wondering ... how often do you weigh yourself?
- Daily?
- Weekly?
- Monthly?
- Never?
- Other?

And WHY did you choose to record your weight on this particular schedule?

Finally, where are you in your journey?
- At the beginning?
- In the middle?
- Near the end?
- In maintenance?

Recently, I recognized that I had become obsessed with weighing myself, so I put my scale away for awhile. I think I need to set a regular schedule for when to record my weight, and put the scale away in the interim. But I'm not sure what the optimum schedule is for me, so I'd love to hear from my fellow Spark-peeps on the topic. What works for you?
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  • JIBBIE49
    I weigh daily. Since I can gain 10# in a week, it is the best for me. When I didn't weigh, because I was pregnant and weighed at the doctor's with my first pregnancy, I gained 60#. I had PCOS from age 13 and nothing was done about it, so I stayed slim because I weighed daily except with the pregnancies. I got the wt off after each one until the last at age 41 and from there on was my problem. Thanks to finding an anti-aging doctor (Ward Dean M.D.) I'm down to 136# and on Metformin, a weekly shot of Bydureon and other medicines that have helped me overcome Metabolic Syndrome. I still want to get off another 16#.

    I stayed slim for years because I only ate one meal a day; never breakfast or lunch and no snacking. Today they call that "Intermittent Fasting." emoticon I called it "the only way I could keep wt. off."
    90 days ago
    I weigh in once a week and it helps me a lot. I have weekly nutrition and exercise plan, so I use that to measure my success with the plan. If there's a gain, I tweak for the next week. emoticon
    369 days ago
  • _JODI404
    I've weighed daily since I started my weight loss / healthy lifestyle journey.

    I got a new scale that requires my phone to be nearby to record the (numerous) stats. Sometimes if I'm rushing, I'll forget to weigh. Somehow grabbing that phone is an extra step that throws me off. My intention is to weigh daily. I definitely do not obsess about it, but, I do like to stay on top of upticks on the early side - if it is truly weight gain vs water weight etc.

    If it has too much power over you (make or break your day?) you may want to back off it and set a day of the week and weigh once per week.

    I keep a journal with all my info, and it is a good reference to look back at different periods. My fitness minutes, mileage, step count etc are just as important to me as my weight. I want to meet my goals in all areas, in a way that is sustainable long term.

    370 days ago
    I have a journal that I use to record my weekly weigh-ins. I can look at each month and see how I've lost or gained over the month. This works best for me. One thing I have learned about myself is: I must be diligent when I have lost any amount of weight or I seem to give myself permission to overeat or not make the best food choices. emoticon
    370 days ago
    Once a week.
    370 days ago
    I weighed once a week during the weight loss phase.

    As I began my transition to and entered weight maintenance, I began daily weighing. I began daily weigh ins as I transitioned into maintenance because I wanted to learn what routine, healthy weight fluctuations looked like for me.

    The biggest thing I have learned about weight maintenance is that it has nothing to do with achieving a particular number on the scale and has to do with establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle that supports ones body in achieving and maintaining health. The weight is going to be what the weight is going to be. The scale is merely a data gathering tool to inform and support our efforts.

    Healthy weight maintenance falls within a range. It is not a specific number. Many maintainers here at Spark participate in weight maintenance challenges where we use +/- 3.0% of a chosen center (goal or target) weight for our weight maintenance range.

    For some of us that range is a bit too tight. Many of us have health challenges and our bodies fluctuate a bit more than what is generally considered to be healthy, which is that +/- 3.0%. What we do to support that effort looks different. We are each unique. As many of us like to say we are each an experiment of one.

    Daily weigh ins do not support everyone. We each need to discover what supports us best.

    I committed to walking 5 days a week in June 2013 to reduce unbearable stress. Weight loss was a side effect of those stress reduction efforts. In December 2013 I became willing to look at the foods I chose to nourish my body and began nutrition tracking in late December 2013 and continue to track to this day. Why? The information supports me in making informed choices. Routine weekly weigh ins began late October 2013. Daily weigh ins began June 2014, the month I reached goal. I am currently at 244 weeks of weight maintenance and counting.

    I wish you the best in achieving your goals. Make a choice. Try it on for size. If it supports your efforts, keep it. If it doesn't, try something else. And, know that life is dynamic. It changes. Something may support our efforts for a time and then, things change and we may need to change too.
    370 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/21/2019 11:45:17 AM
    Every Sunday morning, starkers. I do a weekly weight-check because it enables me to track trends (losing / gaining / staying the same). Where am I? Darned if I know. I ALWAYS need to lose--! ;-)
    370 days ago
    Once a week so I know if what I'm doing is working or if I need to adjust
    370 days ago
    Every morning.
    370 days ago
    I weighed once a week when I was losing, now I weigh daily at goal.
    370 days ago
  • ANNE052291
    Once a week or sometimes once a month.
    370 days ago
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