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A Low Point!

Friday, May 03, 2019

I'm now at the lowest weight I have been in years! It's been a slow road, with lots of ups and downs... but I'm forever moving in the right direction.

I'm so grateful for the support, love, encouragement, and feedback I've received on this journey. The two main supporters I have to thank are my fellow SPARKERS and my partner. All of you SPARKERS have given me so much encouragement and positivity! As for my partner... in the interest of keeping things PG, I'll just say he has been giving me great feedback on my performance in certain areas of the relationship, and we're having way fewer "that doesn't bend that way!" moments in the bedroom.

Riding this new high (and trust me, today has felt like a total high since I stepped on the scale this morning!) I am choosing to make more changes and live a healthier, fuller life. I am leaving behind some old habits and working on what I need to do for ME.

After a lot of reflection, trial and error with dietary changes, fighting with chronic health issues, and going through past and present blood work... I am turning my back on the principles that governed my dietary choices for over 14 years. I was a vegan for ethical reasons, but over time my mental and physical health started to slip. Try as I might to get enough quality plant protein in my diet, my blood albumin levels lingered at a level that was indicative of malnutrition. I finally decided that enough was enough, and as much as I wanted to be kind and compassionate towards all beings, it was not worth sacrificing my own well-being in the process. I don't mean to trash veganism... I know it works great for a lot of people... but ultimately, MY body could not handle it.

A week into my new diet, and my energy levels are starting to perk up. I'm taking things slowly, but so far it seems to be going well. I am hoping that this helps me be a happier, healthier person and will help me achieve my goals for fitness and well-being.
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