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Another bank holiday

Monday, May 06, 2019

It's cold and miserable out there today.
Yesterday I got the May 50km ride done and dusted and next Sunday I am riding in the Cambridge 100. Miles, not kilometers. There is a 50 and 100km option but I got talked into the 100 miles by 'the new girl' at work. I was friendly to her at the kettle, she was chatting about cycling and how she was doing this event on her lonesome. Thinking she meant 100km I said 'yeah sure, I'll ride with you'. Note to self, ignore all new staff in case they talk me in to actual exercise. There had better be some cake on that ride. Just saying.

Work is rubbish at the moment.
After the drain thing, I have been left with a foot infection that is driving me mad with the pain. I took my foot to the docs, who gave me a week of anti-biotics and told me not to drive for at least days. Right foot so stomping on the brake, in an emergency, is a non starter. One of my neighbours - 100 yards down my road - works in the same place, different department but same project. I am commuting in and out with him. Nice chap and he was the 'skip guy' at my last project. Also, David, the lift guy, gets mileage to commute to work. I don't. Lots of them get mileage, no idea why I don't.
We have to fill in an internal - non company specific - timesheet to help with the ongoing costing of the project. It's easy. 2 minutes a week, tops, but the staff are not happy. Clearly the change management protocols were not done correctly in November. Trying to get folks to do the sheets is an uphill struggle and I am getting all the flak, from the bosses, as other folks won't fill in the timesheets at all. It's getting old now. I have now instigated and 'saints and sinners' list. Everyone who does not fill in and submit their form goes on the sinners list and their names are posted in the weekly email, in red. Saints are posted in green and their names go into a draw to win cake. I have been buying the cake, from my own money, just so I don't get wrong because the sheets are not submitted. I only get a cheap cake. I work for a very rich company. Someone has finally noticed so now, from this week onwards, the company are buying the weekly cake. Thank heavens.

I am not happy at this job. I'm looking about now. I need another nice £30,000 pa job, without all the blooming nonsense that I am getting. I am a Cost Clerk. There is only one per project. We are only seen on big projects too. Quite a rare breed. Treating me like something you trod in, on the way to work, does not sit well with me. I possibly just need a break. Might do an OU course, might retrain. Certainly, I am miserable there. On paper, it's a great job. In reality, not so much. I have had a wee chat with the Occy Health nurse, that I have only just discovered comes once a week. I am not on the 'team email' list. I've been there 8 weeks and nobody has bothered to add me. I have missed group training and all sorts, as I didn't know that they were running. I wondered why the lass who sits next to me gets lots of training and I haven't. Why she didn't just mention it to me is a mystery.
I don't get support at home really. Unless you count Toffee. Phil is very Phil oriented. My rough time at work doesn't benefit him at all. Me stressed does not benefit him. Making me feel less stressed isn't in his agenda. Told him that he has to June 13th to pull his socks up. 2 year anniversary. If he is still not sure, or hasn't made up his mind, I'm off. I am still peeved about the son thinking that he is looking after Toffee thing.

Better polish up the CV then. I know it's a good CV as it gets me good jobs. There is something out there for me.

I am going to curl up with a book now.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • KAYDE53
    Good luck with your new job hunt, hope you find something. Hope things work out with Phil.
    659 days ago
  • BRANDI1809
    Fingers crossed for the job hunting and that you get a result from your ultimatum.
    Good lock for next Sunday and your cycle.
    660 days ago
  • DSJB9999
    Sorry about your food, hope it heals soon, sorry to hear the job isn't working out as well as you thought it would! Also great idea giving Phil a date to sort himself out by! Good luck with big ride you have planned. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    660 days ago
    Good luck with the century ride! Does your foot bother you when you ride? I have only just now gotten up to 25 mile ride this year. Signing up for a 50 miler next month.

    Sorry the job is going so poorly at the moment. Doesn't sound like a lot of them, both bosses and co-workers, have their act together. Hopefully you will find something better.

    I know how the not-so-supportive significant other thing goes. My DBF is really no help if I have work issues and doesn't communicate well on non-work issues most of the time either.

    660 days ago
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