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One step back, pushing me two jumps ahead

Friday, May 10, 2019

Okay, I like writing blogs here, because I can be honest. Hold myself accountable. I need that.

I’ve been doing alright with my goals. Except for yesterday. I had cramps, and I used it as an excuse to not do anything and just drink soda instead of water, or anything else. Even after they were gone.

With that being said, I’ve come up with a solution. Nothing too crazy, because that’ll encourage me to stop. I’m going to walk 2 miles today, Saturday, and Sunday. I mean, I walk about 1.35 a day anyway. If I’m walking at home, that just means 2 extra laps up and down the driveway. Or I could split them up. 1 mile when I wake up, 1 before bed. Sounds good to me!

I think soda is going to be a big problem for me. I had no soda for 2 days, then smashed 4 or 5 cans yesterday. I’ll need to find some tips for that, I guess.

I did cook chicken parma last night for dinner. I didn’t finish it, I used low calorie sauce, and wheat noodles. We loved it, so it’s now on our meal line up once a month!

I didn’t sleep last night. At all. We watched Crimes of Grindelwald, and my mind was reeling afterwards. I went to bed about midnight, and I just lie there staring at the ceiling in the dark. I couldn’t take it, at about 4 I got up and had a sandwich. I know I’m most likely going to pass out at like 8am, and not wake up until 2-3pm. It’s not good, but it’s the insomnia kicking in. (Not to mention all that sugar and caffeine)

Now I'm headed out to walk 1-2 miles.

-Love and Light y'all!
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