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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

I have been dieting all my life and I am still the same. Should I do the Keto?. Help!!!
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    147 days ago
  • POSEY440
    Not the best choice in my opinion emoticon
    154 days ago
    It sounds like it is definitely time to quit "dieting" - quit focusing on rules and restrictions - and start looking at what you can ADD that will make you happier and happier. The thing is - what will work specifically for YOU may not be the same as what anyone else does, so it is going to take an open mind, and some research, and some work, and being really honest with yourself.

    Instead of worrying about a diet or plan, you can start by getting to know yourself, and pay attention to your own wants and needs. Make an appointment with your doc for a full physical, including blood work for vitamins / minerals / electrolytes along with the usual, and use that information as your starting point and to find any specifics that you want to address. While waiting for that, spend 2 or 3 weeks eating your "usual" (non-dieting) foods and doing your "usual" activities - but track them all. Don't judge yourself for your choices, don't consider any of them "good" or "bad" - just track them as honestly as you can. Make some notes on how well and how long you sleep each night, and how hungry you are before you eat and a couple of hours after, and what your moods are, and why you choose to eat if you aren't hungry (it is "meal time", or you have the munchies, or you are watching TV, or you are emotional, or whatever). Make a note if there are foods that you notice leave you wanting "more", or ones that fill you up quickly, and whether you have a typical "schedule" for your food preferences (such as sweet in the morning and for afternoon and evening snacks, but savoury for lunch and dinner and salty / crunchy for morning snack).

    After a couple of weeks, you should be able to see some patterns, and some areas that you might be able to make easy changes, and some areas that are pretty much the core of your routine. The "core" areas are the ones that you need to be really honest with yourself about whether you ever WANT to change them, or if you can make some minor tweaks that will still leave them as your "don't have to think about it - routine - normal" but be a bit healthier.

    I would suggest at that point to check out an energy calculator (I like this one: https://www.health-calc.com/diet/en
    ergy-expenditure-advanced ) and see what your projected energy use would be for a typical day at a "healthy" weight (choose a weight at the higher end of the "healthy" BMI - so around a 24 or 25). If you take that number minus 200 calories and go up to that number plus 150 calories, you will have the calorie range that you should need to maintain your body at a healthy weight. Knowing this - you can skip the whole "calorie restricted diet" thing, and make small changes to your eating and activities over time to gradually work your way to that calorie range --- learning how to maintain healthfully right from the start.

    So - knowing your own preferences, and schedule, and where you want to get to, you can start making some changes. If your "usual" tracking shows that you don't eat many vegetables, then you can start by focusing on adding a vegetable serving or two to each meal or snack every day. Once you've got some favourites of those settled in to your routine, then you can look at whether you are getting in enough fibre and maybe start adding in some legumes / beans with some meals and snacks. After you've got a few favourite recipes of those in your rotation, then you can see where you might want to add some fatty fish (the ones high in healthy omega 3's such as salmon or herring or anchovies or sardines). If you have major sweet cravings, then you might want to start experimenting with some of the low-carb desserts or snacks - such as fat bombs and mini-cheesecakes that are sweetened with just a few berries or maybe a bit of stevia or erythritol (I do the berries, personally) but are really satisfying because of the fat content. If you notice that you are having a lot of breads, then you can try experimenting with adding some of the low carb "breads" such as "the Keto bread" (dietdoctor.com) or a Paleo recipe that use no grains but are high in fibre and healthy fats so that you can have some regular wholegrain breads mixed with other options.

    By all means keep researching the keto way of eating and other approaches (Mediterranean and Nordic are both good), experiment with some of their recipes, and see if you feel like any of these are something that you would enjoy following for the rest of your life. If you believe so, then great - go for it! If not, then cherry-pick the best recipes and ideas that work for you from all different approaches, and create your own.

    Seriously - if you focus on gradually adding in more and more healthy food choices that you really love, then they will eventually crowd out most of the not-so-healthy choices - while leaving you the freedom to enjoy those, too, when you want to. I found that my preferences gradually changed and that the sweet "treats" that I used to love now taste disgusting and I much prefer homemade options with no sugar, and that a lot of the low-carb / keto recipes are fantastic, and that I really enjoy a lot of vegan / vegetarian dishes based on beans / legumes, and that a hodge-podge of things all fit in to my own healthy lifestyle. I dropped just over 100 lbs in less than 2 years and never went below my predicted maintenance calorie range, never felt like I was on a "diet", and have easily maintained the loss for 5 years now. Your own choices may well be different from mine, but if you are totally honest with yourself about what YOUR priorities are, and what you are open to changing and what is "core routine", then you will be able to create your own permanent healthy lifestyle.

    You have taken the first huge step of recognizing the merry-go-round that you've been on --- so keep being brave and take the next steps of gradually creating a new happier and healthier life that isn't a "plan" or a "diet" or "restricted" but is made up of changes that you really enjoy. The changes that make us happier are the ones that we keep, so focus on adding to your happiness!
    156 days ago
    I didn't like the keto diet though others do. Cutting out sugar and processed foods as much as possible makes me feel better as well.
    156 days ago
  • RHOOK20047
    I don't know what to tell you. I have heard it works for some, I tried it and didn't like it. I have found I just need to eat clean, balanced meals and avoid all the bad foods I have spent a lifetime eating works best for me. I have spent a lot of time and $1000's of dollars trying so many different diets and drinks, and meds, but found that the only thing that works is to eat smart and balanced.
    156 days ago
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