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Motivation/ 3 Main Goals

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

I'm working on changing a lot right now. And part of me is fighting tooth and nail not to. I don't know why. I'm looking forward to the changes, I think life will be better, and I'll do better... but part of me is kicking and screaming not to change a thing, to stay safe and the same. But, if there is one thing I know, everything thing changes. Whether we want it to or not.

I have three main goals right now:

1. Train my dog Hope so she can go from service dog candidate to service dog in-training
2. Workout and eat right to lose weight
3. Get on routine/schedule to keep house clean and things I want to do going

I went for several days without walking my dog for her training, and now she has regressed. I had an awful time with her yesterday. My illnesses kept me from walking her, but I think I'm going to have to push myself past my normal limits to train with her every day no matter how I am feeling if I ever want her to make it to the next level in her training. And I do, desperatly.

I have already put together a pretty good workout routine I want to start, but I have not started it! Something always gets in the way. So, today, as prep day, I'm going to remove as many obstacles as possible. I've got to get the exercise room clean so that I can use my treadmill, that will probably take all weekend. I'm going to have to get DH to help me with that because... well we basically have to take the rubber mat tiles up, clean them outside, let them dry, mop the cement where they were, then put them back. But we will have to do half of the room at a time because we will have to move the equipment around. It will probably end up being a bit like a giant game of Tetris, lol. My girls are going to start working out with me. They don't need to lose weight, but they do need to get in shape. If it were up to them they would sit and read or play games all day. So part of my motivation will be to be a model for them.

As far as eating goes, I really have to get a handle on that. I'm not getting enough protein, I'm eating things I should not, and I've been really craving sweets like crazy. So, the main thing I'm going to really work on is getting breakfast in, so that I'm not starving by the time that lunch rolls around. Breakfast will be a shake, probably my favorite chocolate with frozen strawberries to make it nice and cold and thick and give it flavor. On it's own it does not have a very good flavor, but the strawberries, and sometimes frozen bananas, make it taste much better. I did find out I'm supposed to be eating more Paleo than Keto... I have no idea what the difference is, so I've got a lot of researching to do.

Working out a routine/schedule is hard. I'm already on a routine that is not good and getting out of it will take time and effort. I'm ready and willing, but when my illnesses flair up, it is so easy to give up. It takes time to make something a habit, so this is something I'm going to have to write out, set reminders, and really work hard to get into. I'm hoping that with Summer it will be easier.

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed, but at the same time I'm so frustrated with how I feel like I've stagnated, that I think that will help me to get motivated. Then it will be a process of re-motivating myself every day, and throughout the day so that I can stay focused.

One thing that is going to be a huge obstacle for the next month is that my injections for my migraines has worn off, so I'm getting my daily migraines. They can take me out for days or even weeks. I am working hard on taking preventative measures to get rid of the migraines when they first start so that they don't get that bad. I am tired of my illnesses getting in the way so much. As they say on The Frey Life (one of my fav Youtube channels) "Do what you think you can't do!"

So I hope we all have a great day, stay motivated, and Spark on my friends!!
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