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On the road , eating intuitively.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

It has been a rocky road. Some crystal clear times when I am able to slow down enough in order to listen to my body. Some very opaque ones, when I find myself gorging on food and feeling discouraged. I have gained 5 lb in the process. Yes, I know, I am not supposed to weigh myself. O well.

One thing is clear: all my years of dieting did not get me to a place of balance with food.Onthe contrary, it has made me feel like I have failed. So I will not diet again.Been there, done that, despite the best conditions possible, encouraging and supportive team mates, a great team. But still in the same place.

Right now because of the weight gain and of my resolve to not diet again,I am rereading the intuitive eating work book, particularly the chapter on emotional eating.Turns out that before even looking into emotional eating, I have to establish a structure that supports a balanced life. Makes total sense!
It also refers you to chapter 3: make peace with food and chapter 4: challenge the food police.
I am sceptical of some of their propositions about the fact that all food should have equal emotional value. I do believe in certain food for certain circumstances, like a special cake for birthday or champagne for newyear or really good fruit cake (it is so rare) around Christmas time ,or latkes around that same time.

So I guess I will have to tailor this to my own thinking and intuition.

But meanwhile I am busy working on balancing my day and my life in order to lessen the episodes of emotional eating .
And of course, learning to listen to my hunger and stop eating when full. I realize that because of all those years of turning off the hunger signals, I can operate on very little fuel, until all of a sudden and without warning, I could (and alas often do) eat everything in sight.
So this is my report for today.

P.S. Feeling so full from my excessive eating the last few days, but still having not eaten anything for breakfast, at 10:30 am I tried to see what food i wanted. It was carrots. But i am out of carrots. So I steamed some nice broccoli in the micro wave and I am eating them with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Delish, and surprising
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I too … am dumping the dieting roller coaster/merry go round.

    I swear I gained up to this weight by dieting.
    136 days ago
    Balancing your life and making peace with food - sounds promising!
    Microwaved broccoli is one of my favorites, I had it 3 times in the past 3 days : )
    137 days ago
    IE has been baby steps for me also. It's the lure of instant results, instant gratification that we have been spoon fed so long that we now accept it as truth. Habituation at it's finest.

    I've been up several hours and have not eaten yet because I'm not hungry yet. Before IE, I would have to make sure I've eaten, because, well, it's breakfast. You haven't eaten all night and your body needs fuel. But why eat if you're not hungry. It's how I got myself into this situation.

    Continuing the IE way... staying off the scale, feeling free from not using my FitBit and knowing that this is the way to be. Scary and exciting at the same time.

    I do need to get the workbook.

    151 days ago
    What a coincidence! Just four days ago, I reached diet bottom, swore off dieting forever, and have been reading Intuitive Eating. I've had this book for a long time and looked into it cursorily several years ago after my daughter, who was suffering from anorexia, was assigned it by her counselor. Following the IE program played a big part in my daughter's recovery. Before finding your blog, I'd just been reading today about the futility, in fact the destructiveness, of dieting--biologically, psychologically, and in every way. My thought as I was reading about how diets damage our bodies was that any serious reader would give up dieting after reading this book. (But dieting itself can be a sort of addiction, serving some psychological need, so it's complicated.) I also feel sad that I wasted so much time and energy in my life on dieting. My first diet--exhilarating because it worked that first time!--was at age 11, so that was 51--FIFTY-ONE!--years ago. I'm very grateful to the authors of this book for opening our eyes to the illusion of dieting.

    I wish you good fortune as you work on IE. I know it won't all be easy, but I feel so liberated!

    (Sorry to be so wordy, but I was excited that you wrote about exactly what I was thinking about.)

    153 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/17/2019 4:20:31 AM
    It takes a while, and intuitive eating doesn't mean being perfect all the time. So, keep working on it. (I find tracking helps me stay in range - but I don't necessarily plan my meals ahead of time.)
    154 days ago
    The broccoli sounds just great . . . good for you!!

    I am definitely wanting to reread IE AND get the workbook!!
    154 days ago
    "One thing is clear: all my years of dieting did not get me to a place of balance with food."
    ...and as for the breakfast and sticking with your resolve to find another way despite the ups and downs,
    154 days ago
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