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23 and me

Thursday, May 16, 2019

No, no, not THAT 23 and me (the genetic testing folks), the number 23. Specifically 23 years. 23 years as a time span.

What's significant about that?

Let's start with my mother's age when I was born: 23 years and 3 days.

Now let's move on to the year of her death, 1996. 23 years ago, this coming July.

Then there is the year we got Diamond as a puppy: 1996. This year, 23 years later, my son brought Carl, a GSP mix of similar age at adoption into his home.

I don't have any puppy picture of Diamond, but I have memories of her puppyhood. She grew up in a household that got hit hard that year. I remember her wreaking havoc at my mother in law's home in the wake of my brother in law's passing. I remember her "falling" rather than having control coming down the steep staircase in our old house in New York.

The memory photo of Diamond I keep posting is one when she was older, after we moved back to Nebraska. This morning I dug back into the blog history to find the day I'd bid her farewell, 8 years back in March. www.sparkpeople.

Is it any wonder that Carl pulls at the heartstrings so much? So many memories of Diamond. As I was holding Carl yesterday, seated on my kitchen floor, he had that breed-typical "shiver", and I thought of Diamond. There's a part of me that wants to call / message my son and ask how their first night "home" went... but since my son works from home I try to respect the hours and not bug him during "work" time. I'll probably bug him later this afternoon.

But before that, there is a day to live:

* Healthy breakfast on board.
* Water vessels filled and hydration in progress.
* "Recess" planned with a coach workout a little later this morning.
* Motivation for home maintenance kind of revitalized by the introduction of Carl. emoticon Grandma wants to be maintaining a safe place for him to come visit!

So, Spark mates, let's get out there and live the very best Thursday May 16, 2019 we can manage, right where we are... not where we were, nor where we wish to be... for it is the only one we'll ever get! emoticon emoticon
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