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Thursday, May 16, 2019

I subscribed to a website yesterday with loads of medical research on eating a plant based diet and how it can improve our bodies.

The doctor who started this non-profit website became a doctor because of his grandmother. She had many heart attacks, many heart surgeries and at age 65 was in a wheel chair with chest pain and on death's door. She saw on television, Nathan Pritikin, who is a pioneer advocate of plant based eating. She went to see him and was one of his early patients. She did not die, but lived to age 96! Amazing!

I tried vegan before and my A1C went up. Maybe I did not do it right? I am not good at sticking to the letter on a diet plan. My doctor said too much starch. Perhaps I did not eat enough fiber. MacDougall says to eat a ratio of 5 to one carbs to fiber, emphasis on the fiber.

Have you gone vegan? What are your experiences?

I am age 68 and want to live better. I have multiple chronic health issues, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, bouts of gout and atrial fibrillation AND lower back issues. I am overweight, but do not gain. I have been losing abut a pound a month. I think it is because I take a beta blocker... plus the conditions. I can walk, talk, see and hear and try to eat healthy. Nowadays it is hard to know what is healthy and that is what the food industry wants, for us to be confused about what to eat.

So many claim that you can cure yourself with a plant based diet. I am planning to try it once more. I will have to cook meat for my husband, but it should not be too awful, the rest of the meal, he can eat what I am eating.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    All carbs are not the same! The carbs to avoid are simple carbs found in processed foods-- white bread, white flour, cookies, cakes etc..

    Good Carbs are whole wheat, brown rice, barley, ww pasta, etc...

    Millions and Millions of people have lived through the centuries on high starch diet.

    Be like them!

    gall Plan Co-leader
    107 days ago
    I believe that Vegan is the way to go. I am a vegetarian trying eat vegan, but I love cheese (although I am slowly getting away from it) and I think plant strong is all we need to be healthy.
    I hope you continue to keep moving forward.
    129 days ago
    Vegan- the way you are doing it is healthy!

    Keto- is just a path for people who ate too many processed foods and need a break- it is a kind of band aid approach not really solving problems but the only good is that they are not eat garbage anymore- well kinda
    - meat is not healthy either- it is just better than potato chips or white flour products.. etc
    and they are encouraged to eat veggies yet can't eat much fruit or for that matter many veggies

    (the toll eating meat 3 times a day on our own bodies and the planet is something science will back up over time)

    eat vegetables to your hearts content!- literally!

    134 days ago
    Yay, you!

    Of course, there are always naysayers. Vegan, plant-based way of life has the China Study, Blue Zones and Physicians for Responsible Medicine on our side, to name a few.

    You'll always hear how hard it is and reasons you shouldn't do it. Follow your heart, follow your health, my dear. I was a die-hard meat eater (literally?) And never thought I'd be "one of those strict vegan people" because "I just could not ever give it up."

    Five years later, people stop me to tell me how healthy I look and how my skin glows. I feel good about my choices for kindness and the environment, and I have become an incredible chef and love everything.

    If you slip or make a non-plant-based choice on the path, be kind and forgiving to yourself. Meanwhile, if I can be more of a support or cheerleader, or just fellow vegan on the path, please let me know.
    155 days ago
    I am still searching..I have health issues that need to addressed.like h/p, kidney failure,and depression and chronic pain.. and although vegetarian is really good way to go.. I just could never think of never eating meat again.. the dash diet is good (lost 40 lbs while on it)..but I am like you .. I have a difficult time adhering to a diet completely.. ..I think some meat is okay just not too much red meat..The most important question for you is what can you live with..because you know it is a "lifestyle change"..I wish you luck..it is a difficult maze to get through.. I know I get lost quite often. I am currently researching the Mind Diet..sounds interesting ..I will let you know
    156 days ago
    My mother's friend is your age or maybe a year or two younger. She started out vegetarian over 30 years ago and then went vegan around 25 years ago (I was my mother's caterer LOL) Deb looks much younger and has the most gorgeous skin. I think true vegan is hard
    156 days ago
    Personally I think vegan is doable but difficult. Would vegetarian be a better option?
    156 days ago
    Yes I was vegan for 25 years.... not healthy..... Have you considered KETO??? It’s the carbs that cause problems. My Dr recommended it. Been on it for 4 months and am averaging a pound a week. And feel great. Never hungry. Think about it.
    156 days ago
    There was a man in Nebraska who had such bad heart disease they worked him up and put him on the registry for a new heart. While waiting for a heart the man followed the Ornish diet, basically vegetarian, plant based. A year later a heart became available and they had him come back in for pre op evaluation and found he no longer needed a heart transplant, the diet had reversed a lot of damage. I personally like meat, just limit the red meat.

    156 days ago
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