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May 16th~ Tired beyond words

Thursday, May 16, 2019

But feeling great about what I have done. After yesterdays furniture moving adventure I knew I had to keep moving or every muscle would bind up and take its revenge! So a complete change of linens..mow both the front and puppy yards and do some laundry. Kept this gal moving till shower time!
Skinner was in a love me mood tonight. He at times is a cuddlier, he comes up and puts his head on my shoulder and just curls in against my head. There is a sigh of content and I pet his big gray head, he loves his long ears stroked. The head gets heavier and heavier till I have to wake him and say ..no I cannot pick you up and rock you. Although both of us would like it!
Tonite he came trotting up calling me, when I came to the gate he rested his head on it and curled up his lip in a big smile. I rubbed and massaged and sang little lullaby's to him. He would from time to time roll that lip up to show how much he was enjoying our time. In the AM no matter what else needs done he will get groomed before I set out upon any other projects.
I am sure he is lonely . He would stand next to Don Q at night as they both napped. The idea of another donkey, a jenny , has passed my mind. Then reality raises her coiled head and I know I cannot ..but it would be sweet to get him a partner to hang out with. All the past years I had at least one up to 3 horses that he hung out with. Now they are gone and he is still here.
Ahh life rocks on aye!
So if I am going to be out there brushing and grooming in the AM I better dedicate me to the idea of some sleep..or at least try! I drank so much water yesterday..just couldn't seem to get enough, it was hot here! Anyhow..we all know the end result of that, up every two hours to visit the loo. Hoping tonight won't go that same path,,but certainly ready to give dream land a visit...nite ya'al..
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