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Friday, May 17, 2019

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This week we are focusing on Commitment. This is a very important topic and something I need to work on developing more. I *say* I want to lose weight. I *say* I want to be fit and healthy. But do my actions support these goals? Lately it seems my commitment has been lagging behind my intent.

Question of the weekend:
Why am I committed to MY journey to being Healthy?
Oh man, there are many reasons. First and foremost is to live the best, active life I can. Many of you know that I deal with RA/RAD and have been for years (since diagnosed in 2005). In order to stay out of a wheel chair emoticon (been there, done that, hated it) I need to strengthen my muscles, bones and overall fitness level.

I want to be able to travel, we love cruising and traveling to visit friends and family. We also used to love hiking. I want to be able to do all these things both again and for a long time into the future. This will not be possible without a focus on and a commitment to being active and eating *mostly* healthy foods.

I want to have a clean and decluttered home. I am totally ashamed of the condition of my house. I do not have many friends over, only my best friends because the house is so bad. The ones who understand and don’t criticize. That is only like one or two people/couples. I need my house to reflect my healthy lifestyle and be peaceful. Right now, it isn’t. I/we have too much stuff. I/we need to reduce the clutter… everywhere. I have made a start with my clothing. I have given/tossed a lot of clothes. I need to go through and do more, as I just bought several new pieces to mix & match. I can do this!

I also need to sort/declutter my “sewing room” and toss boxes from the living room. We have too many *empty* boxes just waiting to be tossed. DH has an Amazon habit and a need to fill the space I think. Every time I get rid of boxes and we can see the floor (anywhere! Well not really, but close) he fills it with more boxes.

Oh my, this is becoming a rant! Time to get back on track. We want to move closer to his mom in 2021. It would be a good and healthy move for us I think. He/we have friends there as well so instant group. In order to move the house has to be decluttered and cleaned thoroughly. This task includes the mother-in-law house in our back yard. WHEE!!

So here the list of goals I am focusing on this year. This is going to be a series of lists to come to statements that tie into my identity. It has been shown that if you tie your identity to your wanted outcome then it is more likely to happen. It is also true that by making a specific time or inserting the new habit behind an existing habit one is more likely to make the wanted change. So I’m going to make several lists to find what my overall goals are and then narrow down the ways to get there to something so small I can’t not do it.

Long-term Goals:
Be able to hike the mountains (nearby and in Virginia).
Home cook most meals.
Be ready to move in 2021.

Mid-term Goals:
Living room decluttered
Dining table/room decluttered
5-mile hike in the mountains
Use 10 lb weights for strength training

Short-term goals (To be accomplished by July 17):
Exercise 1,200 fitness minutes.
Prepare 24 dinners at home.
Bring lunch from home 24 times.
Eat breakfast at home 36 days.

I will accomplish these short-term goals by:
Putting on exercise clothes when I get up
Keep the sink clean.
Keep the counters cleared.

Putting these into I do statements.
I put on exercise clothes after bathroom break upon rising.
After eating, I wash my dish.
After washing my dish I put it away.
I breakdown one box when I walk in the door after work.
I prepare my clothes for the next day when I change clothes after work.

I think that’s probably more than enough to start. As you can see all items on this final list is extremely specific and small. It is about building the start of the habit and a routine I want to build. I have tied my identity (the way I want to see myself) into these new habits. It also takes a lot of thought out of the day. I only have so much energy and willpower. If I can automate the small things that bring me closer to my goals it will take less willpower to live that way.

At work, I have a routine with slight variations on the day. I need to incorporate this at home too. My routine looks something like this. There is a little variation depending on the day of the week, but this is my basic routine (I’m learning the invoicing process right now).

1. Daily report to manager
2. Time cards
3. Pull invoicing from supervisors desk
4. Prep Mail if needed
5. Mail out (I have to walk it to the mailbox) if needed
6. Create estimates as needed for service requests
7. Generate PO’s (from estimates)
8. Invoice service requests that have estimates/PO’s

These things take less than 4 hours to accomplish in the morning. Having the routine means, I don’t waste a lot of time trying to figure out what to do next. It flows nearly seamlessly from one task to the next. I don’t have to use up my willpower trying to decide the flow day to day.

I want my life outside work to be the same. I want a routine so I can live the life I want. Healthy, active, clutter free (both body and home). I hike for fun. All that’s left is to believe and make it happen.

emoticon I got this! emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I know this is from the last round, but your focus on tiny habits and routines is powerful. I hope all is well with you.
    43 days ago
    Powerful words! I also have the "can't have anyone over syndrome" (CHAOS) and need to set small goals. You've given me some ideas about baby steps that might work for me. Success to you! emoticon
    148 days ago
    Commitment. I *love* this word. SHED POUNDAGE = FEEL THE HEALTH and though you feel you have lagged, you have ALWAYS given me the hope and inspiration that I could 'do' it too. I am backing YOU 100% because I know yer' gonna get 'er DONE, girlfriend.

    I'm learning to declutter/clean in increments instead of looking at the WHOLE mess. EXAMPLE: This summer our garage is getting the SWEEP and everything we no longer use or THINK we may use in the future (yet has NOT been used in over a yr or two) goes. Once that mess is gone, the rest will seem trivial. LOL!!

    Oh my goodness, YOU have a sewing room!! THIS is another summer project I want to do. I don't have an entire room, but I can make my space a place where I can sew and that'll be WONDERFUL. I can whip up a half dozen summer blouses in a wk...sundresses, billowy skirts...I am sooo looking forward to what I want to sew this summer.

    How exciting to choose to live near your mom in law. You could 'walk' the perimeter of the mother-in-law house in your back yard and select whatever you want to sell/keep, then hire someone to CLEAR OUT the rest in exchange for keeping what they salvage. Check out organizations that would use the household *stuff* and exchange their labor for taking it off your hands.

    YOU are the ingenious one when it comes to teaching us about HOW to make those statements that work!! I Learned (from you) how to WATCH THE WORDING of our Listing so they are NOT subtle negatives, and in the NOW and I can *see* how doable your Lists are!! I *love* Virginia, btw. ::winks::

    You've ALWAYS held the KEY and I can't think of ANYTHING that can stop you from using that KEY now!! I never thought I'd like routine but you're absolutely right about how having 'em and how it does NOT waste our time. ROUTINES FOR LIFE (to live how we want to live life) brings many-many *gifts* to those of us who embrace it's process.
    152 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/21/2019 8:47:08 AM
    What wonderful reasons to move forward. You’ve got this!
    153 days ago
    emoticon We're here for you!
    155 days ago
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