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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Sally pitched up today with a ton of celery and three bags of pre packaged mixed veg. Due to her and her son having been unwell, they hadn't used them. Her son was apparently very exercised about the waste until Sally told him she'd bring them to me because I can always create something out of bits and pieces. She was mostly thinking I'd make soup but in any case her faith in my ability is very touching. They've all been in the fridge unopened she informed me. Therein lies the problem. Veg sweating in plastic bags isn't going to last as well as veg in an open container in the fridge. Besides, the dates on them were the end of April and beginning of May.

If they're OK I thought, I'll make a veggie chili. As soon as I cut the bags though I knew they weren't OK. I'm not at all precious about 'dates' on food but they were slightly slimey and worse - had that kind of vinegar smell. Truly nothing I could do with them other than put them on the compost heap.

Tomorrow I'll get creative with the ton of celery and give some of whatever I create to Sally for her and her son. Hopefully she won't ask me about the veg. If she does I will probably tell her I made a veggie chili this evening. Which is true but obvs I didn't use the veg she gave me. Is that a bad thing? Is it lying?

I popped over to the local shop earlier this evening and on the way bumped into Tom. Tom lives the other end of my road. I wouldn't call him a 'friend' but he's more than an acquaintance. He's also a very good friend of my dear friend Suepee. Tom is a very devout Christian. He's not boring with it though - he has a great sense of humour. And is basically a very decent chap.

He asked about the house situation, I told him I'm really rather up against it short of a miracle. "Ask HIM to provide a miracle'' Tom said. "You know my views Tom" I replied. We landed up having a 30 minute conversation during which a young friend of Tom's joined us though he merely listened and didn't say anything [other than hello when Tom introduced us]. Round and round we went though in fairness Tom did and does accept my lack of religious faith.

If HE decides to ''gather you in'' Tom told me, "then he'll work from your inside and you can't resist. And you know Tiz, I think if the truth is told, you're on quite a few peoples prayer lists". Which is kind of sweet but I don't want to be 'gathered in' thank you very much.

In the end I said I was off to the shop to indulge my depravity [skimmed milk as it happens] and then intended to return home and watch the tennis [my addiction]. You're a tennis fan Tom asked to which I answered yes and maybe if HE arranged for a couple of Wimbledon tickets to pop though my door I might rethink. OK yes I know - rather flippant of me. Tom didn't bat an eyelid at that. "Wimbledon tickets" he said. "Well you never know........."

Bright blessings
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wimbledon tickets? I’ll come with you!
    146 days ago
    I find this entire post delightful as per usual.

    I think it's more prevaricating than lying, and it's done out of kindness in this case. Nothing can be done about yesterday's celery so heck, prevaricate away.

    Love that Tom isn't annoying about it and I love that you don't want to be gathered, but might have to rethink should Wimbledon tix suddenly strike. I mean, I'm not holding my breath, but it would be fun to see you such a pickle.
    150 days ago
    Tom is right that you never know. I didn't believe until my 52nd birthday when a friend had invited me to go to church with her with the promise of a great birthday lunch after. As for what you tell Sally, you know your friend and how she will feel. I think that motive is as important as the actions we take and you seem to be a great person with good motives in what you do.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    151 days ago
    I pray those tickets turn up 'no strings attached'!
    151 days ago
    I am an adherent of faith moves in mysterious ways
    151 days ago
    You don't need to lie to her. Just tell her that they were not good and you put them in the compost pile.
    She will understand.
    Hope you had a great day,
    151 days ago
    I'd just tell Sally that sadly the veggies were past their time of being usable for human consumption but follow it with a sincere thank you for the wonderful celery! No point in lying at all. She knew it was all past date.

    Tom sounds like a good guy. It's always nice to bump into an old friend and have a nice chat!
    151 days ago
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