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A Long Race Report w/ Pics

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Hi Sparkfriends! Thank you all for the well wishes on my race this weekend. There were some ups and downs and twists and turns but in the end, the “2 Crazy Chics” ended up having a super great race!

I had pulled the arch in my foot a week prior to race. What in the world? So I rested and sidelined the rest of my training and saw my sports chiropractor. If I haven’t said it enough, my sports chiropractor is amazing. He gave me the full sports treatment 4 days before race and it helped so much! The race was a go!

A little back story here. This is my 10th year running the Beach to Bay Relay Marathon. Each year it has been on a 6 person team comprised of high school alumni friends. “The Runnin’ Ratz” . There were a couple of core members and the team changed some from year to year but usually was always HS alumni (from 30 years ago!).
Well, long story short, I had a falling out with the founder and captain of the team last September and we haven’t spoken since. I tried reaching out one time only to be ignored so that ship has definitely long sailed. The Runnin Ratz ended up not even having a team this year, anyway. So.....

Time to make a new team! A teammate from last year (Tara) and I had reconnected and started running together and have been ever since. We decided to run the relay as a 2 person team this year! It’s only the second year to have a full marathon and 2 person division, and the race is 44 years old!
Beach to Bay is the largest relay marathon in the country and teams/people come from all over the world to run it. It’s a tough race due to the time of year and the climate here in South Texas. It’s HOT and HUMID making it a challenge every year, even for seasoned runners. But we were so determined to run this race and I thought we were trained pretty well for it. (Especially my partner, Tara. She’s a big time runner).

So to kick off our weekend we planned to attend the Expo together the day before race and then go out on the town for a pre race dinner! I had so looked forward to this day for a long time. But unfortunately, Tara got sick and felt really bad and icky the day of. Oh no!! A day before the race. Poor girl was coughing and congested. She decided to play it safe and rest in bed all day and night so she could feel better to run. So I went to the Expo with my daughter then out for pizza with both daughters and one of their friends. It wasn’t the same without Tara but we held it together.

Then race day was finally here! I had awoke at 3:15AM from a strange dream. Then I couldn’t go back to sleep, so that is when my day started. Pretty dang early.

At 5:45 we drove to the beach where I was to start my 3 legs.

There was over 1,300 teams this year! Multiply that by 6 runners per team. Then add the 2 person team starters and full marathoners. That adds up to a ton of people!!! I had never run leg 1 before and I was totally freaking out at the sheer mass of humanity. Starting was hard. So many people you couldn’t even move. But it spaced out eventually. I started running my 4:1 intervals after the first 20 minutes and I stuck to it the rest of race.
Nothing much to be said about my run other than it was 12.36 miles of awesomeness. And amazing!! It was HOT and I was soaked. But we were so very blessed with an overcast day!! It made 100% difference.
Random Noteables:
-I lost my clip on water bottle somewhere in mile 2. I had just bought it the day before.
-The first leg of 3.5 miles was run entirely on sand.
-My strategy to restrict myself from my favorite songs playlist worked!!! I was so happy to listen to my tunes after 2 weeks without. Made for a very pleasant run.
-The wind was blowing about 50mph (felt like) at the top of the intercoastal bridge I ran across. I tried to take pics from the top but I was petrified my phone would blow out of my hands. LOL. I was skeeered.

-Clif Bloks is a package of gummy energy chews I carried along and THEY WORK!!!! I had half a pack before bridge and a pack before I reached finish line. I was able to sprint and run really hard at the end of my 3rd leg and I felt like I was flying!! Immediately after finishing:

I did it! I had run half of Beach to Bay.
While Tara was busy running the last 3 legs, I went home and relaxed for a bit before heading downtown to the finish line. I was there to watch the other crazy chic cross the finish!

She did it even though she was sick. We ran the marathon in 5:05:54! Over 6 minutes faster than our team last year. Our average pace was 11:40. I ran my 3 legs in 2:28 @ 12.01/mile.
Just to throw some skepticism to this, I thought I had run a much faster pace. My Strava app said my best split was a 10:41. I think because I walked with the crowd the first few minutes after starting my watch, it really skewed my pace results. That’s my story and I am sticking to it!!
Okay now we are at the finish and we knew we had placed because there was only 2 teams in our division of Senior Master Women (over 50). We already knew the other team would take first because they are known marathoners in the area, and they are FAST! They beat us by 58 minutes. LOL. But they were catty ladies who threw shade at us at the awards. Made me sad. But we won a plaque for 2nd place at the country’s largest relay marathon. A super rare and hard feat to accomplish! And though there were only 2 teams and we came in 2nd, WE STILL PLACED and we EARNED IT!!! We came in 37th out of 71 2 person teams overall.

We celebrated by going to the local dive bar we go to every year and had a couple of cold ones! Only one of two days a year that I have alcohol!

Then this morning we wrapped it up by having breakfast at our favorite Mexican taqueria.

Overall it was an amazing weekend! That was our word of the day. “AMAZING”.
And it was also Brandon’s birthday, my adopted son who was killed last month. I thought of him all throughout my run and know he would have been proud. We ran for us and for him.

Thank you for reading my report. I am so sore today I can barely move. Literally. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything. We are already talking about Beach 2 Bay next year. Yes, I will be flying down from TN.
The 2 Cray Chics has been born!

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