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Monday, May 20, 2019

I have already gone through most of my apartment and I got rid of a lot of stuff. I am still going through it and finding things to let go of. I have been living here just over 17 years now and I have accumulated a lot. I have filled 6 bags for clothes and shoe donations and emptied bookshelves and started in the closets. There is still so much more to go through and I plan to get it done this July. My mom volunteers for a local church rummage sale a few times a year. I'm finally making a list of things that will go to the next one.

A project like this is done in layers and never all at once. Make a list for every room and every closet. What is your goal? How much do you want to let go of? What can you throw out, donate, recycle, sell? Being the age that I am, having something for 20 years now means I have been holding onto it since around college. Time to let things go and in a big way. I'm not making candles anymore, time to let go of the supplies. I'm really not going to get to scrapbooking that vacation that is now 15 years in the past, time to let go of the scrapbooking supplies. Bring the paper into work, you can use it there. All that other stuff? I have to let it go. One drawer, one shelf, one closet, one room at a time. I brought several old paint cans to our garbage area. Paint from 2014 and 2012 really? Saving that? I really don't need to color match from 2012. Let go, update. Pick a new color if I ever paint again.

My best friend got married almost 16 years ago. I still have the bouquet I caught. Do I need to keep it? It's perfectly dried and in my glass front china cabinet. Maybe I'll keep that. Get rid of silly stuff. I keep emptying things and reorganizing and getting rid of stuff. I feel like I haven't made much progress but I have. When you declutter that many years, you have to give yourself credit for the progress you made. If you don't, you'll never feel like you got anywhere. I want to bring my home back to a just moved in feel and really simplify what I have here and what I need.

This is the year I really get it done. So much done already.
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