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Keeping the Spark alive - checking in

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The following started out as my daily thinking and writing to myself but then thought I might share here as a blog to both give and receive support in the Spark world. I still check in daily with the friend feed, use the space to think aloud, and continue learning about this healthy journey. My Spark page gives my thorough background but this is a summary of what I’m doing Today.

I know that Bright Lines serve a good purpose in losing weight and keeping cravings/desires/hunger at bay, but why be so restrictive once Goal is reached if it causes struggle and takes so much energy to keep within Lines...?..?.? I would recommend BLE to anyone who struggles but would also say it is just another very good weight loss plan. It’s biggest advantage is eating abundant amounts of healthy fruits and vegetables first, therefore crowding out space for other food and regulating cravings and hunger. It also advocates eating only meals and regulated time intervals. I would also have to give credit to Intermittent Fasting in which I’ve researched very little and it is something that just evolved for me. By eating only two large meals a day I have had less struggle with budgeting calories and worrisome thoughts of food/eating/hunger. I suppose my own plan also somewhat resembles the No S Diet - no snacks, no sugar, no seconds except sometime on S days. Sorry to say, my attempts at Keto and LCHF were futile. I believe that they eliminate too many foods that are healthy and I enjoy. But I do know that staying on the lower end of carbs regarding even whole grains works for my body managing weight and decreasing belly fat. I have learned from intense tracking that a balanced ratio of macros at 30:30:30 works well for me. Though I don’t need to track so much anymore. I’m considering reading more about Intuitive Eating. Not so sure what that will be like. But once again, I find myself at a lower weight and satisfied with my body and food. Sure I’d like to just eat whatever I want when I want it but I know where that could lead me. I also know all the regimens and rules that can help me lose and maintain. I know the good, healthy habits of eating for nutrition and satiaty. I just have to chose what works for me today because I need to flee the insanity of it all! Not interested in focusing solely on my food plan today. Perhaps tomorrow I will feel differently!
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    Very interesting.

    I've 'evolved' towards intermittent fasting too - having my last (small) meal before 6pm and not eating again until at least 7 - 9 am. Yesterday I ate at 4pm and not again until 8am. I'm on the same page as you with the grain-based carbs + sugar.

    I've failed at 'intuitive' eating - planning what I'm going to eat works best for me - I need the 'rules'!
    474 days ago
    Well written and informative...thanks for the great blog! I still am not quite sure what "macros" are, but I've been meaning to look into it (for years now, really, lol) so this is my time. Thanks for the inspiration to learn something new, and great job reaching your goal and maintaining!
    547 days ago
    I recently attended a class at the Y titled "Overcoming Age-Related Weight Gain". That 30-30-30 for macros is right in line with what the speaker presented.
    552 days ago
    Thank you for posting and sharing your thoughts. I find it very interesting to see what supports each of us.

    I initially followed the Spark recommended guidelines for calories, carbs, fat, protein, etc. and found the carb intake was way too high for me. Like you, I also do better at the lower end of carbs although not what others would likely consider low carb. I guess moderate carb? Right around 30% seems to be the carb sweet spot for me too. It is not unusual for me to eat 2 large meals either. No snacking. And, 12+ hours between dinner and breakfast. Today, 17 hours passed between dinner and breakfast.
    552 days ago
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