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I am a Hiker!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

I discovered I am a hiker, not a walker. When you hike, it means you are walking from a lower elevation to a higher elevation. On the other hand, when you walk, it means that you are only trekking a relatively smooth and flat path. Hiking entails a lot more effort than walking since the path in hiking trails is more difficult.

I hike in the forested park near my home. It's set on a hillside with a lot of variations in elevation and fallen logs to step over. The trails are very poorly marked, some wide, some narrow and of varying lengths and difficulties. It's used by mountain bikers, dog walkers and horse back riders too. The trails wind through "old growth" forest which umbrellas the trails protecting from rain and hot sun. There is an artesian water tap and a sunny meadow. I make a point of wandering off on small trails and when I feel it's time to head home I meander my way back up the hill. This is the fun part of the hike, because it can take awhile to find my way out and this is what makes the hike an adventure.

Yesterday I was on a bigger trail and it seemed like I had hiked for awhile, time to head home. Two young women were following behind me and didn't know where they were. It took awhile to for us to make our way out. Not sure they will be back, but that's what I like about the trail getting lost and finding my way out.

I love www.walking4fun.com I completed the Pacific Crest Trail and am now doing C&O Canal. I just did 2 consecutive days of over 10,000 steps, hopefully I have a few more of these this week.

This week I am spring decluttering and did my back staircase and bedroom. Yesterday I gave away several items I liberated. I will pull a slip this morning and get on another room.

I am burned out on salad so I have been having a low carb chicken vegetable soup. Last night I made a meal of it and skipped making a stir fry to go with it. I will cut back on the sodium in the chicken soup so I can see my 'real' weight. I let hubby fend for himself with a stir fry. The veggies are prepped and the chicken is already cooked, so he said it was easy.

I am monitoring my sleep with fitbit and see that I am usually awake for at least an hour throughout the night. I stopped taking sleeping aids last week. For a couple of nights it took a long time to go to sleep and I only slept 4 or 5 hours. This week I am sleeping a little longer but wake up many times during the night.

I keep thinking of these words. Dr. Nowzardan - to make a lifestyle change you need - the right attitude, willingness to work hard, desire, and a proper understanding of what's wrong.
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