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Had a great time in NYC except for the bus ride home!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

I left at 10 am to go to NYC and had a swell trip on the bus and got in around 2:00 pm. Went to my hotel right away and ate "lunch" at the hotel restaurant right there. Ordered a huge Chef salad which was very expensive and the strangest Chef salad I've seen in my whole life and ate as much as I possibly could. Went to the hotel room a little early and immediately showered and got ready to see Nancy Lee Grahn at the Emerald Inn. I was so nervous about being early and couldn't decide when to leave. They had stressed that we shouldn't arrive until 15 minutes ahead of time because the room may not be ready. The only rule was we could not video tape but could take as many pictures as we wanted.

So I decided to leave at 5:20 or so. Walked the two blocks and got there early still but there were a bunch of women waiting outside the restaurant and it appeared to be the women going in to see Nancy. So one asked me if I was going to see Nancy and I said yes so she let me wait with them.

Then we all were able to go in about 20 minutes early. Nancy arrived a little late but not too late. We had a great time! She talked about politics and a teacher (the same lady who told me I could wait with them; her name was Stacie) asked how it effected her work life. That was interesting question and answer. She says that whenever someone mentions Trump and realizes she's around they say shh Nancy is here. Apparently she tweeted F*ck Trump once and the big brass at ABC met with her and told her if she did it again they would fire her! She said now she knows not to use foul language and won't do it again. She says if she was 20 she would have said f*ck this job but now she has a daughter in college. We ordered our food after she talked a while after we ate. Then she talked and we talked specifically about General Hospital. I did ask her what her favorite music or song is. She said it was her daughter Kate's new song Over Again and I said besides Kate's song but she didn't answer me. She says she is writing a book about Kate.

Then we were able to get autographs and she signed 5 for me. My friend, Tracy, had requested 2 and then she had 2 friends of hers that she wanted me to get an autograph for. I was happy she put on mine that she was glad she got to spend the night with me. Then she laughs and says it sounds like we were on a date but she doesn't care what anyone thinks. I told her the best date I've had in a while. Then we were able to get selfies with her at the end and she took my selfie. It is pretty bad and not the best. Here is the picture. I'm just happy I have something and a souvenier of the event.

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