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So, it's a spade...

Thursday, May 23, 2019

I can't really call it an Ah-Ha moment because on some level I always knew what my problem was... SUGAR. I'm a sugar addict.

I use the tired out phrase "sweet-tooth" when describing my desire for sweets but it's really worse than that. The light bulb moment for me was when I finally realized that sugar sabotages me every time. I can eat healthy, normal portions of things unless sugar is involved. One cookie? You mean 20? One donut? You mean five donuts? Even pizza causes a binge because.. you guessed it.. sugar! Sugar is my trigger food and it sends me on the path of overeating every time.

Sometimes, you just got to call a spade, a spade- you know?

So, if I have now connected the dots and seen that sugar is my trigger, that it causes a downward spiral in bad food choices- what am I going to do about it?

Here's the part where an educated decision has to be made...


An alcoholic has to avoid alcohol. A drug addict has to avoid their vice. So, why shouldn't a person addicted to sugar avoid sugar?

It's going to be difficult at first but knowing self-control goes out the window when sugar is involved is eye-opening. I've got to make this change. The next two weeks are going to be the toughest because sugar withdrawal is very real and sugar is in just about every thing- but, it's time.

This is day one.

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