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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Work this week was exhausting (I worked 9 hour days), so I am thankful for the 3 day weekend.

Today, I am going to spend the entire day with my best friend. We are going to eat out, and see "Aladdin" (the live action remake). I love Disney! We heard that there's going to be a new original song in it, so we are excited.

While I'm enjoying more take home pay, I feel uneasy, because I am only contributing 10% of my salary traditional to my TSP. Not sure what I should do, because it's so expensive to live these days (especially in Los Angeles!).

Also, I was previously thinking of going for the cheaper insurances come Open Season, but it might be worth it to keep my expensive insurances, because at least I have peace of mind knowing that if something terrible happens to me, I will have the best coverage. Overall, I think there needs to be a balance between cost, and risk. I will continue to think about it.

I'm waiting for my SSD bill to come in the mail.

A few days ago, I told my parents that our trip to Disney California Adventure Park will be my Christmas gift to them, because it will cost me at around $600, and then my dad said that that's a rip-off, and that he no longer wants to go. So, we aren't going anymore. While I feel happy that I won't have to spend that money, I feel sad at the same time, because I wanted to make memories with my parents while they are still mobile (my dad is 67, and my mom is 66). Oh well.

That said, I love Christmas! I know it's crazy, but I listen to Christmas music throughout the year (not all of the time, though!). Last year, I gave my parents a $500 Korean grocery store gift card for Christmas. I'm not sure if I am going to do something similar this year. I pay them rent every month, and I give them cash here and there.

My best friend and I are going to Las Vegas this year for our annual vacation. I AM SO EXCITED!!! This will be the first time I will be staying at a hotel with my own money. I told my friend that I'd like to stay at a nice hotel, because I don't live in a nice home (I live in an apartment that is kind of falling apart), and she said that's fine (she makes over twice as much as I). We were originally thinking of staying at Flamingo Las Vegas Resort And Casino, but I heard online that it's not so nice, so I don't know. We will discuss more about our trip today.
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