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Pokémon go time

Monday, May 27, 2019

I’m like, “Hey kids I’m going to go for a run, wanna come with me?” They have both walked a 5k with me before, and the 8 year old ran/walked with me during the color run so it wasn’t asking too much. The three year old is psyched. The 8 year old reluctantly puts on his shoes. I have to take my phone in case my husband gets up wondering where the heck his whole family went. We start out. Less than a block away and I’m doling out water. So we put on Pokémon go, right? Because it makes going on a walk seem more like an adventure. (Note, I’m no longer kidding myself by pretending we were ever going to literally run) We walk to the nearest pokestop but it’s pointless because we have no room in our pack to add more pokeballs or anything else because we have all these stupid revives and potions that we don’t use because we literally never battle. So we go to a gym to battle. And sit down. It’s like, a nice little fountain by a coffee pot. I’m not battling: my kids are battling. They’re not even battling the freakin pokemon they’re battling EACH OTHER trying to be the one to hit the stupid bad guy. I’m sitting down. I WANTED TO GO FOR A RUN AND NOW I AM SITTING DOWN WHILE MY CHILDREN FIGHT OVER WHO GETS TO TAP MY PHONE REPEATEDLY. We start walking again and use some revives and catch some Pokémon. The 8 year old is having fun. Me and the 3 year old are pretending to catch Pokémon too, and putting them on our shoulders and trading them. She doesn’t know Pokémon names and neither do I so we just exclaim “I found a green one!” And so on. We did walk for 2km, which was enough to hatch one of our eggs. I went home when the Pokémon game showed rain. It wasn’t literally raining but after I got caught in hail last week I wouldn’t have been surprised if I got caught in rain while far away from home with my two kids. It never rained. We got home and I learned that I totally could have just discarded my stupid revives and potions to make more room in my pack. And here’s the thing. I could BUY an upgraded backpack for my character for like, actual money. What a rip off. I hate that games make you pay for things these days. Not to sound like an old lady but, in my day when you bought a game you owned it outright!!!! (Except Pokémon go is free to download) Shhhhh - that fact doesn’t fit my narrative. So yeah walking is good and so is Pokémon go when you’re alone but adding kids to a workout almost always sucks for me. Adding kids to anything is like a recipe for disaster actually. Except Chuck E. Cheese, because you can’t even get in there without a kid. Same for fairytale town in sac. Both of which suck anyways, predominantly because they are full of kids. But for my part I made my kids leave the house yesterday, and we all got some light exercise. And that’s better than nothing. Today is another day to try and fail and learn.
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