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Sick and DH's Minor Surgery/Last Day of May

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Thankfully FIL was supposed to drive DH to his oral surgery today anyway, so when I woke up with my throat swollen and draining and aching (tmi) and a fever, I just took care of me and didn't worry about more than staying away from DH so that he won't catch it. Can't have him get sick while recuperating from oral surgery!!

The kids have been great keeping themselves preoccupied, they dug out the old DVD's when their internet time ran out (yes we have regular internet time and Netflix time allotted on ODD's computer). She knows that if she has to ask, she can't watch it till she does. And for most of the day, I was in and out of sleep, only getting up to get more meds and peppermints and water. I was debating hot tea, but I don't want to sleep ALL day, but thankfully my BRCC order came in today so I have coffee again, yay!

I was really bummed, and so were the kids. We had a whole day planned. Today was to be water (play outside in the tiny plastic pool and wash the dogs) and pampering (baths withs salts and smells, lotion, face masks, the works, whatever they wanted to do) day. But I spent most of the night trying not to wake DH and trying to keep my fever down. I still feel horrible. And I just read yesterday that a friend was positive for strep, so that is going around. I have not been around her, but I was at church on Sunday. I tend to catch strep if it is even in the wind, lol. Though not as much since I finally had my tonsils taken out a few years ago.

Plus, we haven't started really doing a set 'routine' yet this week as planned, I want to start our Summer out in the right tone, so I really want to establish that routine. So far, we've had one thing come up after another. But, I'm not going to let that get me down, or keep me from trying. So, for the rest of the week, I'm going to be setting timers for DH's meds, reminders for me to have the kids do their daily goals and chores, and take care of myself so that I don't get any more sick and we can start next week on track!

I'm working on my Goal Planner (Cultivate What Matters) and am having a hard time setting up my Tending List. I don't want to just have the same things that I don't accomplish. I want to find things that matter to me and that I will find time to do!

I find myself feeling aimless. I talk about routine. And routines, when I finally get into them, really work for me, but I seem to fight tooth and nail getting into them. So lots of reminders needed. But not only that, I just feel like, I'm not doing 'enough', whatever that is. For now, I'm going to let that go, and I'll look more into it when I'm feeling better and can do more. For today, I'm going to dig into my Goal Planner and see what I want to make a priority for June.

Hope you all are having a great week and no one else is catching this awful ickiness!!

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