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June 1/Challenge!!!!

Saturday, June 01, 2019

Someone posted this on the SP FB page, and I'm so going to do it!! Anyone want to join me?

I'm interpreting 'no burgers' as no actual burgers. I do a 'burger bowl' that is kinda like a salad but with a burger patty cut up like you would chicken and mustard/mayo used as dressing. I never eat all of it, I need to learn to make less. But everything else, I'm all in. I'll have to wait a few days to stop having my peppermints till I can buy some cough drops, but then I will give the rest of the peppermints to DH and the kiddos.

I've been dragging my feet on getting into a routine for working out. No more, I decided that June is my month to change that. I'm still kinda sick, so just yoga/stretching and maybe some pilates for today, not cardio except walking my puppper. I need to get over this sinus thing so I can get into the routine and get in the right mindset.

I was going to start this last Monday with my weekly weigh in, and I totally forgot!! So right this moment I'm putting it on my calendar for Monday (repeating) with a reminder sent to my phone to weigh/measure/picture early in the morning before coffee and breakfast. I'm going to make a chart and I already have a folder with my weight loss photos in it. I know I have gained some weight back, I need to find out just how much and see where I'm restarting from. I might weigh this morning, just to start June out right, before I have my morning shake. I was at 100 pounds lost, I know I'm not far from that, I just need to get there again and keep going!!

And that is another routine I need to get into, I'm not getting my daily protein intake in, I've been skipping breakfast, a long time bad habit of mine. Coffee is my breakfast. Gotta stop that. I'll still have my coffee, just gotta make sure to get a breakfast (preferably a shake) in every day as well. My Bariatric Surgeon said I could go to two shakes a day for a month to get me back on track, if I needed to, and to get my protein levels up, but no more than a month, so I'm going to try to do that for June. May not be every day, but most days that is what I will do. That will save on groceries too.

So, my plan for June is still formulating in my head, I know I want to work on routines, not just for me, but for my kiddos as well. This last week was a crazy one, and but life happens and you have to roll with the punches. We can't do much, but doing things together is high on the list for me. Including working out together. I finally got my Goal Planner done, so I know what my main goals are. Now to turn those goals into actions.

So now I'll go finish my emails, weigh, get some more coffee, start my excel spreadsheet for my weigh-ins, and get some other things ready for the rest of the month. I think I'll use today as a prep day. For the kids it is video game day. Same rules apply as a normal day (well, they get to sleep in later), no electronics of any sort til morning routine and then chores are done, but then till the next round of chores are ready to be done (before bed routine) they are free on Saturdays to play games. We may play some board games as well. I'm going to get DH to put up our small-ish whiteboard in the kitchen, and we are going to start doing a word of the day to expand our vocabulary. I swear I've forgotten more words than most people know, lol. When I was in 6th grade I became somewhat obsessed with two things, getting rid of my Southern accent, and expanding my vocabulary. That lasted a long time, till I had to start dumbing down how I spoke so that people could understand me. So frustrating. My Southern accent still comes out at random times or when my emotions are running high. I also used it to my advantage when I worked customer service jobs, because for some reason, people were nicer to me when I had a thick Southern accent. Go figure.

Anywoo, I'm off to start my day and maybe get some more coffee.... I hope you have a wonderful Saturday and start to your June!!



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