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Tuesday Coffee Musings

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

I have not woken up feeling this groggy in a long while. I have that awful Summer cold/sinus infection going on, and was up a lot last night. I had a kale and cabbage salad yesterday, and I could not find any kale in it. False advertising at its best. I got the salad for the kale. Turns out, cabbage and my stomach do not get along when it is not cooked, had stomach pain all night, it was miserable. Of late I have been drinking more coffee than usual. I had weaned myself down to 1 cup a day, and I'm on my 2nd cup right now.

emoticon Does not help that I have a cold/sinus infection. I bought some Emergen-C gummies (I can't drink fizzy drinks, so the powder drink stuff I can't have). And I'm eating an orange a day, plus my usual daily vitamins. I've got some different kinds of teas, I love a good chai, but I'm going to see if I have some green tea, it is supposed to have good health benefits and I enjoy it. I need to get my water intake in, but I need something warm for my throat, so lots of herbal and low or decaf tea today, I think.

emoticon There needs to be an emoticon for exhaustion. I am going to do my hip tension stretches today, and maybe some yoga, but that will be all. I'll probably end up napping as I was up so much last night and I'm so tired. Part of it was the cabbage wreaking havoc on my stomach, part of it was I kept getting a tickle in my throat and coughing, part of it was my hubby getting up to take his meds from his minor surgery last week, he is still having pain. If this cold/sinus thing is not gone by Wednesday, or at least better, I will go see my regular doc. I don't want it to drag on forever.

emoticon One of the good things about being up last night was that I got to researching free for Kindle Unlimited introductory books on Paleo, the diet my doctor, after a year of doing a lower fat version of Keto (I can't eat that much fat, it makes me nauseated) finally told me that was what I was supposed to be doing all along. So nice of him to finally tell me. I used to have a spiralizer, and I think I want another one, just not the one I had. I've been looking at electric ones and most of them have really bad reviews. I finally found one that has good reviews, and it is the cheapest one I've seen!

emoticon I have regained 7 pounds since meeting my goal of 100 pounds lost. It is my TOM, so that is some of it, but after comparing my measurements, I've not been making progress. Again, some of that could be due to TOM, but I'm not going to bet the farm on it. I went shopping yesterday and got lots of veggies and a whole chicken to boil and then debone, and that will leave me with meat for a while that I can do pretty much anything with. Well, I'll have to wait on that just remembered that DH wants me to make him some posole, so this chicken will be for posole, and I'll have him pick up another one that I will cook on my next day that I have to spend tending a boiling chicken. I boil them for a good while, so they get plenty moist and infused with the flavors of the herbs I use. I can't have the posole, because on Paleo, no legumes (no beans or peanuts or corn) so I'll set aside some of the meat for me to use till I can boil my own chicken. I found it cheaper to get a whole chicken and do this than get frozen precooked stuff or buy the pre-cut stuff. Plus I like the mixture of dark and light meat, so that it is not too dry.

emoticon The only thing non-Paleo I will continue is adding sugar to my coffee. I don't like coffee without it, I'm not willing to give it up yet, and I can't stand any artificial sweetener that is Paleo approved. Maybe if I get the raw sugar, that will be better? It has a nice flavor and adds a depth of flavor to my coffee that I like. In tea, I use honey. I'm trying to find out where the local farmers market is going to be, it should have already started (we are new to the town, and the farmers market is just starting this year), but I have not seen in the newsletter or FB page anything about it recently. Only that there was going to be one this Summer. I really want to do as much of my freggie shopping with the local farmers market to support local farmers, and such. My pushy Aunt G (she drove me to go grocery shopping yesterday) kept pushing me to buy organic everything. I don't think so. Organic is nice, but I've researched it a lot and there are a lot of ways to put the label 'organic' on things that technically aren't.

emoticon Another thing I did last night was start a Paleo idea-board on Amazon. I think I'd rather make a wishlist, as you can't put comments on the things you put on your idea boards, and I want to do that. I found a lot of books that are past the 'beginner' point of the free ones I put on my Kindle. Found some ideas for tools for helping with veggie prep. I think I will turn it into a wishlist so I can add the comments. I found one book in particular that I want that is South Korean Paleo recipes. Sounds and looks wonderful! I think South Korean, and most Asian foods are wonderful. I discovered that rice is a 'borderline' Paleo food, so I'm not supposed to have much, but that means I can still make sushi, a much loved food favorite of mine. I do keep frozen riced cauliflower in the freezer for use in most times you would use rice, but sushi rice is so yummy.

emoticon Today is going to be a super busy one in the way of cleaning and pushing the kids not to be lazy. DH, even in pain, cleaned and scrubbed the kitchen counters the other day (in a frumpy way) and I told the girls they could not go to bed last night till they had cleaned up their mess from making dinner and eating so many darn snacks!! They did not. AND they took out of the fridge three packages of sandwich meat that had not even been opened yet and left them on the counter all night long. They are preteens, there is no excuse for it. They did not go to bed till 9:30 last night, bed time is 9, with my oldest promising she would take a shower first thing in the morning because she was so tired. I woke to a filthy kitchen. It honestly looked like they had made more of a mess instead of cleaning anything. Sunday's we plan what we are going to do each day of the week, and today is baking day, with each kiddo having something they want to bake (only things for a reasonable price, we are on a limited budget). But there will be no baking till the kitchen is clean. I had planned on decluttering the kitchen today, but can't until it is clean enough for me to see what needs to be decluttered!!

Okay, coffee almost finished, time to go have 'morning meeting' with my girls, and make sure they have finished their morning routine. They have been up for well over an hour by now, so it should all be done. I doubt it, but their morning routine should take no more than (if they are dragging their feet) 30 minutes. This morning they have been going at a snails pace. I can't say much, so have I, but I'm sick and running on fumes.

Hope your day goes well and none of you catch a summer cold, it is not fun!!

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