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Wednesday Plans and Worries

Wednesday, June 05, 2019

This is Hope, my SDiT, she is having her first time (and last time) in heat. It was in the contract with the breeder that I wait to have her spayed till after her first heat or 18 months, whichever came first, because of a study that showed that they needed the hormones for full bone growth. Goldens can be prone to hip problems, so I definitely want to wait till she is fully grown to have the surgery. She is mopey and miserable. She does not like the diapers at all, and our little male dog is acting as if he weren't neutered so I'm having to keep her on a leash to keep her away from him and keep her from ripping off the diaper. Poor girl!! Going to talk to the vet today and see if she is in pain and if so what I can give her and how long this will last. We are still training just not as much and only going in the fenced in back yard, as some people let their dogs out to roam free and I don't want her attacked or unwanted puppies. Even then, they smell her and come barking at the fence, so we can't stay out for long periods of time. Can't wait till this is over!!

We plan our weeks out every Sunday for the Summer and yesterday was baking day. This is what YDD made (a porcupine cake):

She insisted on doing it all herself, but kept getting the instructions mixed up. Fortunately she was using my Kitchenaid mixer, so it still mixed everything really well and the cake turned out good. She was very proud. ODD decided she was too tired to make what she had picked (soft pretzels) so she made a biga (a bread starter) to make some Italian bread today to go with the roast and carrots I just started in the crock pot. I'll make some mashed potatoes to go with it this afternoon, along with some gravy.

I ended up having a piece of cake. Emotional eating. Not good. DH had dental surgery last week, and one part is infected. He started taking antibiotics right away, but he has been having sugary drinks (and a piece of cake) and such with his mouth healing, and I don't think you are supposed to do that. Anyway, last night he wakes me to tell me that he thinks it has gotten worse and could go to the bone, which could possibly kill him. Um, thanks for that in the middle of the night? Telling someone with anxiety that is a bad idea. I barely slept and kept checking on him. He is going to call the dentist today, I don't know why he waited till it got this bad. Please say a prayer for him, I'm super worried.

Today is appointment/errand day, but it all depends on how things go with DH and seeing his dentist. Both YDD and I have therapy appointments later today and we are supposed to go to the glasses store to get ODD's glasses fixed, they have a one year warranty and she left them out where the dog could get them and I found them a mangled mess. I had told her three times to move them and put them in the case because she was not wearing them, but she didn't. She would pick them up when I would say something, but then I'd come back to find them in the exact same place. Grrrr.

Doing Paleo is going to be easier and harder than I thought it was going to be. Easier because I can have more veggies that I like, and I'm a veggie person. Harder because I can't have grains, legumes or dairy. I don't do milk, or much dairy, but I do love cheese. It also means no hummus. Butter is a borderline Paleo food, but is better than using margarine. I bake. It's one of my hobbies, and having at least a taste of what I bake so I know what to do differently or better for next time is a must. I suppose a bite here and there won't hurt my overall diet. I'm considering cutting out what they call nightshade veggies, like tomatoes, but I do love tomatoes. I may cut them out for just a while and see if I feel any improvement in how my digestion does and if not I'll add them back one at a time to see how I do with them.

Coffee is another thing I'm not willing to give up. I was down to just one cup in the morning, but have been drinking more of late. I'm trying to drink hot tea in the afternoons/evenings insead, but sometimes I don't. It's a process. I have to remember that it will take a while to get used to doing Paleo and though I want to just jump in and do it all at once, I will probably have slip ups or days where I forget to prepare things. I'll just take it one week/one day at a time and do my best.

I have been trying to get stretches and such in, but keep forgetting or getting too tired. I have to keep reminding myself that I'm sick and it is okay to not work out when sick. This cold/sinus infection is hanging out, but taking DH to the dentist takes precedence over taking me to the doc for a cold, so I'll just get some more OTC meds and keep taking my vitamins and hope it goes away soon, and take it easy. I found my tea for sore throat yesterday after going through the tea section in the cabinet, so I'll be drinking that today as well. Stuff really works well. We bought it when we visited Grandma, she lets the Aunts smoke in her house and there is not enough air circulation to get rid of the smoke, and it gave me a bad sore throat and intensified my migraines last time we went, so we bought me this tea, it works wonderfully. Next time we go, we will be staying in a hotel so that we can at least escape the smoke at night, and so that if I get a migraine DH can just drive me to the hotel to get away from it.

I woke up super early, wide awake and now is the time I would normally wake up, but I may go back to bed, I'm exhausted from being so anxious all night long. But then again I need to get a shower and get the kids up a little early so that they can get showers so that we can be ready to go as soon as DH can get in to see the dentist.

Have a great Wednesday and emoticon

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