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Thursday Thoughts

Thursday, June 06, 2019

It's time for a change. I'm not just talking about weight loss and getting in shape, I'm talking about not just my routine, but more. I am currently on disability, I don't have a degree, and if I wanted to get a part time job to help with my income, I'd end up with something stressful like working at a fast food place or such, and would not be able to sustain it. So, it's time to relook at my life, what I really enjoy and want to do, and consider taking online courses. (Yikes!) I would not start until after the kids started school, and I'd look more at the do at your own pace kind of courses at first, I think, because of my anxiety and such. Depends, I guess, on what kind of classes I will need to be taking.

So, my therapist gave me a website to take a 'quiz' of sorts on that is really in depth that is supposed to tell you not only where your interests are, but what kinds of jobs you would enjoy doing. And not just generic, but in depth. So, I'll be doing that today.

I'm also finally going to start on a book I bought right after it came out called Do It Scared. I took the quiz, got my full results, and printed the workbook, but that is as far as I got before I got this cold. And I think I've been avoiding it. Time to make the time to do it. I'll start on the first part of the workbook today. You don't really read the book in order when you are doing the workbook with it, so it's a little strange, but she also has podcasts that go along with it, so I'm going to be doing one of those a day as well (she is on like number 50-something now!!)

I've got a full day planned out. Lots of cleaning, but also spending time with the kids just talking and maybe doing some card games and working on our new book we are doing together. The kids have till Sunday to finish cleaning their rooms, so they are going to be spending a lot of time in their rooms for the next few days as Monday I will clean anything that is left out, and if I have to clean it, it is gone. They have been warned, we have been working on getting rooms clean for months, so I finally had to set a deadline with consequences. My oldest took it to heart, my youngest did not. Her room is still a total disaster. So today I'm going to take some time to help her work on the 'how' of cleaning and decluttering, and then give her ample time to do it. I have found her, when she was supposed to be cleaning, either reading or just staring at the mess. Still, come Monday, I will not take excuses, I have given them ample time, and they know they can ask for help at any time, there is no reason they should not have it completed in time.

The same goes for me, while they are cleaning their rooms, I will be cleaning my side of the Master Bedroom. It has become a mess, and I'm trying to turn it into a small haven, a place for me to wind down at the end of the day, read books, drink tea, read my Bible and devotional, and messy does not equal haven!!

I may get some walking in today on the treadmill, it is raining and is going to rain for more than a week. But it depends on how I'm feeling with this cold still hanging about. I am going to do this hip-opening yoga flow printout I found, and some other stretches. I'm stiff, and I want more flexibility. I'll be able to work on the cardio and strength training when I am fully recovered from the cold, but I want to work on stretches/yoga asap.

I've got a lot to do, but I'm making lists and trying to put things in perspective, figure out what is more of a priority and what can wait till later. Multitasking too, so keeping laundry and dishes going till it is all done while getting the other stuff worked on as well.

Okay, off to start my busy day!!


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