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Bringing a new puppy home

Thursday, June 06, 2019

If you have been waiting for the arrival of the new puppy for a few months now, if you planned to bring in a small furry furry puppy and if you dreamed of a cute game all day long, but once the puppy enters the house, your life becomes a nightmare. We are in Molly and accompany tens of thousands of puppies to their new home, and are for new parents of puppies for any question or problem and skilled in incorporating new puppies in the homes of walking on two.

The introduction of a new generation into the home can be a significant upgrade in quality of life on the one hand, and on the other hand, it can transform the lives of the household into an ongoing nightmare. In order to receive the new puppy joyfully and in a balanced way, it is important to build on the educational principles necessary for the training of puppies and the absorption of a new puppy at home.

Excessive indulgence
Excessive indulgence is the most common disease in raising puppies coming home. In fact, it's a bit hard not to spoil friendly little dogs that play, run and jump all day and generally look like furry dolls on all fours. It is advisable to set limits (natural, not invented, and not aggressive), such as the prohibition of strong bite, preservation of territory, definition of hierarchy at home and more.

The second disease of its rank, which characterizes new parents of dog generations, is fickleness. This is a second step in parenting or awareness of the needs of the dog, when there is still little awareness of how to train properly. The adoptive family knows that it is forbidden to indulge too much, but also knows that it is forbidden to set aggressive or violent boundaries. These indecisiveness and knowledge lead to behavioral volatility, which causes the dog to feel confused and dislocated.

 Suitable foods
The first steps in puppies' lives are hugely nutritional. These steps will actually affect the entire life of the puppy for many years. As far as food is concerned, there is great importance in choosing the right food for every new puppy in the household. Early childhood nutrition is different from that of an adult dog, and for this reason it is important to introduce him to water after he had been three weeks old.

First year treatments
Puppies need a lot of attention and investment in the early years. In the first year, the appropriate vaccines should be given at the right time and by professionals with many years of experience. Without vaccinations, even the most unfriendly dogs will develop serious diseases.
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