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Now I'm different.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

I've signed up for the Summer 5% Challenge. Here's the link if you are interested in joining:


As I was reading through the challenge this morning, I found myself wondering how on earth I'm going to do it. This Summer looks insane. For the next four weeks I will be travelling for work to various places. After that, my husband begins a regular commute away for the working week. Then at the beginning of August, we plan on moving.

There is very little routine to hold on to, and, as I've been thinking about it, no guarantee of when I will have access to wifi to get onto Sparkpeople.

But, I have also never needed accountable more than I do right now. I'm right at the top of my weight range limit and I do not want to gain more weight. My emotional resilience is low, and while I have been making progress, the next two months are full of triggers that I can already feel are pulling me back and making me doubt myself.

So, I'm joining the challenges. I will be present as much as I possibly can on-line. But, last night as I was grappling with quite an emotional issue and ran to fridge to eat the chocolate that I knew would push me over the calorie limit for my day, I felt like I was having an outer body experience. As I ate the chocolate, I heard the thoughts that were telling me that it was everybody else's fault that I was feeling this way (I realise the irrationality of thought, but it's what I was thinking), but then I had a counter-thought, which was - that nobody else is putting the chocolate into my mouth. That's all me. Nobody else if forcing me to eat more than I need to. I'm the one doing that.

So, I'm joining the challenges in order to be accountable to me. I don't want to feel this way anymore. I'm not sure how I got to this place, but, here I am. Now, however, I'm different. (thanks to a quote on the 5% challenge that inspired this blog)

My exercise plan: yoga every day (doesn't matter how long, just everyday); 3 jogs a week, building up to a 10km race at the end of July; regular walking.

My nutrition plan: This is tricky, because there will be times when I will not be the one cooking or planning my food. But, I now plan to start eating within my calorie range (so far I've just been tracking, not worrying about going over). When I'm away from wifi, I'll need to write down what I eat. I think I will also plan to have scheduled eating times, eg. Breakfast between 8-10am; snack at 11.30 lunch, 12-1pm, and so on, so that I only eat at those times (or, when dealing with someone else's schedule, to work within their time). I still think I can have some standard type of plan, aiming for a moderation of eating - so, whilst I can't have a strict list of food, I could plan according to food groups and portions, and eliminate some options, such as desserts. I'm a chocolate nut, so I can allocate a small chocolate to myself, rather than eating desserts at meal times. So, nutrition plan is still being worked out, but I'll figure out something manageable and adaptable to all the travel .

There is a checklist on the 5% challenge page that I'm going to work through. I'm going to follow it. I hope you'll join the challenge, too!

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