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Starting Paleo/Midnight Musings

Monday, June 17, 2019

Okay, so it is 0200, not midnight, but I've been up since then, so it counts, lol.

I'm officially starting Paleo tomorrow/today (Monday). I didn't want try it till I had read an instructional book on it, but I have been eating really close to it for a while. I was doing a lower fat version of Keto, but these last few months since my father died have been rough for me. It triggered a lot for me, and I'm an emotional eater. I thought I was over doing that, but apparently not.

It sounds like Paleo will be a good fit for me, so I'm looking forward to it. The only exception is that I have to drink a protein shake every day to keep my protein levels up (doctor's orders). And the most digestible form of protein in shakes (according to my bariatric surgeon and his dietitian) is whey protein isolate. I'm to make sure that is the first ingredient in every shake I buy. I use almond milk or water for my shakes. Most of the shakes really don't taste that good. I found a cherry one I mix with water that is like a cherry slush that has melted, I drink it with a lot of ice as it is good cold, but it is not filling. I have a chocolate one that is great with frozen strawberries that I have been using half almond milk/half water. The almond milk makes it taste better than just straight water would and the strawberries make it edible, lol.

As far as starting Paleo, I have Aunt G taking me to the store today to buy some meat and veggies. I've decided to boil a whole chicken in my favorite herbs and then debone it. This way I can fix it up however I like. I'm mostly going to buy veggies to roast till I can get more recipes to try. Mom never taught me how to cook much, and I've never been much of a cook except super easy stuff like spaghetti. So I'm getting some cookbooks that look interesting and hoping to find some good recipes. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!!

I'm still going to bake, as it is something I love to do, but maybe I'll try some Paleo versions of things if I can find recipes. And my family loves my bread and stuff, so I'll continue to bake for them. I'm teaching my girls how to bake the bread I make so it can become a family tradition (and so when I don't feel like doing it, they can, lol). I don't know why, but my Mom never taught me that stuff, how to clean or cook or anything. I'll never know her reason, but I do wish I had her bread recipe, it was wonderful. I miss her.

So, I'm working on goal setting. The book I'm reading (and loving) says to find one big goal and work towards it. Problem: I have a lot of goals I need/want to work on. Some are everyday things like eating Paleo and getting in shape/losing weight and training my SDiT. Others are once a week, when I have time with Aunt G to learn how to sew. Others are on back burners till I hear back from people/places I have asked for more information about. I don't think having multiple goals at a time is a bad thing, I think that if you overload yourself with these things daily then it would be, but making time for life and interruptions and being realistic about the time you can spend daily/weekly on each one is important. Balance.

I am taking it day by day, and one week at a time, usually planning my week on Sunday with the kiddos so that we do something together every day that is fun for them for the summer. (I can't drive due to medical reasons, so my idea of going to the park/pool/lake every day is a no go). Right now I have insomnia pretty bad, the pharmacy filled my old sleep med instead of my new one that actually works some (gets me a few hours of sleep at least) and I'm still trying to work that. Hard to do over the weekend, so I'm hoping I'll have better luck tomorrow. Since yesterday was Father's Day, our planning time will be this morning. I fill in what I need to have done and on what days, but most of the stuff we work together to fill in, and have fun activities like baking/cooking days and the kids get to pick out a recipe. Pamper days, with baths and face masks and whatever they want to do to pamper and relax. Movie day, I haven't been joining the kids for this one, but I'm planning on doing so or at least renting the movies I wanted them to watch, they have just been watching DVD's and Netflix for now. And other things. We do cleaning in the mornings, then the afternoons are free for fun, except before bed routine where we clean up after our day and get ready for the next day.

I had a wake up call about how much I've been letting my illnesses affect my daily living/lifestyle. Yes, I have to be careful, I have to have someone with me when I work out in case I have a seizure, at least till my SDiT is fully trained and then if something happens she can alert for me. But I used to be so active, and since having my kids and putting on the weight and all these chronic illnesses popping up, I have become the opposite. My BIL got a new activity tracker and by lunchtime yesterday at our get together, he had already walked over 10k steps. I was super happy for him, but that was like an arrow piercing my heart. That used to be me. And I want that to be me again. I know I can't jump in and suddenly get there, I need to slowly build up to it, but I think I found my motivation to work through some of the obstacles I have. Not just ones that I have from having chronic illnesses, but ones I've put on myself as well.

I realized that one of my obstacles is my DH. He doesn't mean to be. But he spends all day in the office on his computer. If I want to spend time with him, I have to be in the office, at my computer, which he set up right next to his. I have let myself get into this habit of staying in the office on the computer way too much, whether I'm spending time with him or not, in hopes of spending time with him. It's time for me to get out of the office and downstairs with my kids in the general living area. I have to realize that if DH wants to spend more time with me, he can find time away from the computer to do so, it doesn't have to be all on his terms or all me putting in the effort. We can still spend some time together in the office, we love playing games together or watching movies together. But I can't let this habit of just sitting in front of the computer continue. I'm putting limits on what I do on the computer. I'm limiting my time allotted, and will be setting an alarm to go off reminding me to get off the computer. I do have my daily work on my book with podcast to watch/listen to, and I want to continue to do SP. I think I need to reel in on the time spent on FB and Pinterest. I get so many ideas from Pinterest, but in all honesty, who has the time to do all that!? Most of my ideas get lost in boards I've created and I can't find the one I'm looking for. So, limiting computer time and time sitting in the office.

The rain has finally taken a break, so me and the kids are going to clean the back yard so we can do more in it. It's not much of a yard, it is sloped, and needs a lot of work that we don't have the money to do right now. but, we can at least clean it up enough so that it is not awful and messy.

Well, now to go see if I can fall back asleep, or if I'm up for the day. If I'm up for the day, I think I'll take out my pupper and then get a short workout in and lots of stretching. I've discovered that my legs/hips have tightened a LOT and need a lot of stretching. Gotta work on that daily too. I don't wake the kids up till 0800, so 4 hours till then... man I hope I can sleep!

Good Monday to you all and thanks for stopping by my blog!!


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  • no profile photo CD17741451
    Good luck with the paleo x I recently joined a team about this https://www.sparkpeople.com/myspark

    I've not been as active as I should in it cos I've been busy with the 5% and biggest loser challenges but it looks like a good bunch of people.

    Well done on recognising your unhealthy patterns, my DH too is more of a hindrance than a help in living a healthy lifestyle, bless him, but you have to do you, hon. My DH lives off sweets and fizzy drinks, won't change and never puts on weight. I only need to look at a packet and I'm up 5lbs, hence the paleo: I found it easier to say "none" rather than trying to limit portions.

    288 days ago
    I've not tried Paleo, but I've done Whole 30 a few times (from what I hear, they are similar).

    Hope you sleep well tonight! Insomnia is such a pain. I deal with it often.

    289 days ago
    Wishing you success!
    289 days ago
    Loved the message ❤️. Have a blessed week 😊 👍🙏
    289 days ago
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