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2019 Summer 5% Challenge Commitments, Reasons, Before Photos & My 5% Goal

Monday, June 17, 2019

Exercise: Minimum 30 minutes per day 5 days per week.

Increase total time per day to 45 minutes by end of the challenge.
Include at least 2 strength training sessions per week
Include at least 3 stretching or yoga sessions per week
Start my day with exercise at least 2 days per week at the start of the challenge and increase to 3 days per week by the end of the challenge.

"Diet" - Not so much a diet as a healthy lifestyle.

Log my food daily, stay in calorie range at least 5 days per week
Strive for a balanced pie chart for carbs/fat/protein
Include at least 1 fruit or vegetable at every meal
Try one new healthy recipe every week

Reasons: One of the steps in preparing for the challenge is to list 10 reasons why I want to lose weight. For me the hardest part of this "assignment" is limiting it to 10! My why could fill a page, easily, and the thought is to list my TOP 10, but even that is a bit daunting, as some reasons deserve equal weight as others, and some that may not make this list should probably be my #1, so I'll just list 10 that come to mind, in no particular order.

1. To feel better physically - aching joints are no fun and age is not helping!
2. To feel better emotionally - the shame and regret and self-loathing and fear weigh so much more than the actual pounds I carry.
3. To be more like the person God made me to be - He did not intend for me to be overshadowed by the emotional baggage and social stigmas that accompany being significantly overweight, and the physical limitations rob me of energy that I need to be a better Christian...make it hard for me to even see beyond myself enough to serve others in the way I am meant to.
4. To be an example to my son - he's grown, but he has weight problems of his own, and while I may not manage to inspire him, I certainly won't if I don't prove I can do this.
5. To prove to myself and others that I CAN
6. To look better and fit into that other wardrobe that is currently packed away
7. To reduce or eliminate the need for medications and my CPAP machine
8. To add years to my life
9. To gain confidence that will help me in all areas of life
10. To have peace of mind that comes with knowing I'm doing the right thing for my health.

Here are my "before" photos.

When the challenge starts, I'll update this blog with my 5% goal information.

UPDATE: Here are my starting stats and weight goal for the challenge:

Starting Measurements:

Bust: 46"
Waist: 42.75"
Hips: 54"
Neck: 16"
Right Thigh: 29"
Right Calf: 18.5"
Right Upper Arm: 16.5"

Weight: 241 pounds
5% goal: 12 pounds
Goal Weight for Challenge: 229 pounds

I'll post results at the end of the 8 weeks! Stay tuned!

Well...I got derailed by life and did not complete the challenge. Today I weighed in again for the first time in a few weeks and I'm at 244.2.

Pick myself up, dust myself off, start all over again!

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