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I went for a walk/run with a toddler, Part 1

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Like most people, I get bored of doing the same exercise routine for too long. Mine was working out to some exercise DVD I have in my ever growing collection down in the basement. We don't have a huge house and half the basement is finished so my space is a little limited, so doing any kicks and large movements have to be done with caution of hitting the couch or one of my daughter's numerous toys. That goes for PiYo as well, I can do the routine parallel to the TV but the warmup routine really moves around so that get's a little interesting as well. Plus I like to face the TV in case I forget what the move is I'm supposed to be doing. In hindsight, I probably should have watched my DVDs instead of popping it in and diving right in. But I catch on to this stuff so easily, I just screw up what I don't know and power out what I do.
Allow me to circle back to my original thought, boredom in the mundane. I don't have a gym membership(and honestly don't think I'd really benefit from one) so working out when it's cold or dark means I have to stay home and go downstairs. But when it's warm and sunny, I want to go outside, so last night I took our 2yo out for a walk in the jogging stroller, mostly with the intent of walking and a possible jog here and there. After struggling to get the stroller off the hooks in the garage(jogging strollers are not small and ours is a secondhand one that doesn't fully collapse anymore), getting the kiddo into it and then filling the tires after realizing they desperately needed more air, we were off. Usually the kiddo is content to sit and watch the world go by and for the first 20 minutes, she was. I hate how hard it is to turn jogging strollers, I have to pop up the front wheel and turn it that way which is fun for her so it's not all bad but hard to do when you're running and don't want to break stride just to turn a corner. I did break into a fairly slow jog a few times, made kiddo turn around and look at me, probably to make sure she had gone for a walk with Mom and not Dad(he's the runner). Then, what should've been a 5 minute walk from home, kiddo wanted to get out of the stroller and walk. Just as I was getting into a groove and if dinner hadn't been almost done, I would've gone longer. But no, out of the stroller she came and my pace slowed to a crawl. Not only did I have to slow way down so she could dawdle her way down the sidewalk, I also had to push the already tricky to steer stroller mostly one handed because she came up next to me halfway through our journey to hold my hand.
As any parent knows, 2yo's are constantly asking questions. Mine is always asking "What's that?" without pointing or really giving me a direction of where she's looking. So most of the time I'm guessing and will name off everything I can see in her general field of sight. Most of the time that's enough and she goes back to looking around or naming off something I said. But when she's walking, oh there are lots of things on the ground. Like old gum stains on the pavement, dried piles of grass from mowing a lawn, sticks and little rocks she has to pick up. It took us 20 minutes to walk the rest of the way home, a short distance that should've taken 5 minutes if she had stayed in the stroller.

Now I'm not about to say she should've stayed in the stroller and let me do my workout. She's 2, she doesn't know any better. Typically when we go places with the stroller, she's allowed to get out and walk around. And the fact that she wanted to walk and not have me carry her the rest of the way home was also a huge accomplishment. She was also recovering from a mystery fever, so I was surprised she wanted to get out at all.

My workout was about 20 minutes of a mostly walk, twice jogged thing that went better than I thought. When I did start to jog, it wasn't fast but I went a lot further than I thought I would. Mostly about half a block before I had to stop and catch my breath and then find a stretch without a decent hill. I live in Wisconsin, one of the flattest states in the Midwest and our neighborhood is fairly hilly. Go figure.There are a few different ways that would've been flatter, but they are more open to traffic and honestly I didn't want a lot of people watching me slow trot my way down the sidewalk. The secluded hilly area will have to do for now.

I hope to add to this blog about my next running adventure, because I seriously think it would be something I would like to do in the warmer months and I'm sure my husband would be thrilled to have a potential full time running buddy when I improve enough.
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