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The Gestapo called Mom.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

I am sitting down today and making my summer goals list. I've been kinda goal-less for the past week and I don't like it.

Lucy May still is suffering with her abscess. This thing is super expensive. And time consuming and her booty itches. Poor girl. We go back tomorrow to get yet another pricey laser treatment.

Brie is getting an ultrasound soon. I have to know what's going on. She's miserable and I need answers. It's expensive but necessary I think.

Hagrid pooped on Atticus when we took him to the vet to learn how to trim his nails. That's right. Our dragon got a mani pedi but I don't get one. What a life he has! Also, he has discovered that he likes to ride. That's a fancy car for someone who doesn't work!

I'm in this summer challenge thing and it's so tedious. I love the team pride and the ladies in the team, but those challenges are so lengthy. It gets on my nerves rather than inspire me.

I have been creating a lot and reading. I still have a good amount of burning and stinging in my hands and neck. It's not as bad but it's certainly there.

My mom is really slipping in her memory. It's so sad to me. She and I have a tense relationship at times but I've learned what to avoid discussing with her. She and I talk about everything though and I am starting to grieve those conversations. She can remember somethings so clearly and others she repeats multiple times in one convo. It's so sad to me.

I do have one rant. Pardon me. I tried a new combo of beauty product from IT Cosmetics. They have wonderful - and I mean wonderful brushes - but everything else I have tried is pure garbage. I hated the foundation and the neck cream was gross. It smelled so good but was orange and went on that way. After a while it peeled off in orange globs. YUCK. I threw it all away. What a disappointment.

I found a cheapie mascara that is really awesome from Ulta. It's their brand in a shiny pink tube and it's amazing. I am thrilled with that.

I have been making some new recipes again. I feel like myself when I do that.

Last night I opened up my pork chops and they had spoiled!!! I was so angry!!!! We ate BLT's instead. I love BLT's but that isn't what I planned on. What a waste.

I did find that while my mom or dad rambles and complains on the phone, that I can get my nails done. I put them on speaker and put on my Jamberries. Cool! I was able to chime in (not so much with dad, he talked a mile and minute) and I got that mani in. Yay!

I am most angry about being fat. Still. I am hitting the treadmill here soon. I am going to get up early and start that first thing. I am tired of being the same shape and Slimer from Ghostbusters.

My oldest son, Caleb, is learning that job hunting is not fun. He has no desire to work right now, which bothers me. He is 17 tho, and needs to get on the ball. He is so slow moving. He hasn't even really decided about college. UGH. That's stressful for me. I have to push and nag and I hate being that person but OMG he needs to move on this.

Atticus had a crappy report card. What bothered me the most is that he didn't seem upset about it. He knows I am not happy but wow, he seemed fine with it. Next year I am checking everyday on his grades. He is not going to like the Gestapo called Mom.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    It is funny that you write like this. I mean this is a woman's brain. You just wrote all that was in your brain..subject to subject. This is exactly how I think. I can relate to so many of your thoughts.

    First, as the cheerleader co-leader of the team, I hear you. Know that you can be flexible with your tasks. For example, I often look at the challenge at the beginning of the week and go back to it once in the middle and once at the end to add points. So much of this stuff I do anyway, so I can give points. It is really almost more of an awareness thing with the nutrition. I eat veggies and fruits. I stay away from junk most of the time. If I do something wrong, it my not be on the list The good stuff is in such small measures that I can usually check it off. I have to be honest with the water as I am not always consistent.

    Today I am fasting with just water and prayer until at least dinner. (It's part of my women's group's book idea.) Believe me, I think the fasting with just water will help get rid of the junk I may have had. The prayer is to focus, and I will journal some, like I am kind of doing here. I have to catch up on my calendar and goals too to stay focused and productive this summer.

    The exercise for the challenge can be varied. For me, the simple quick exercises are just to get me moving which is more than I would do without a prompt. You can always do more if you are more into something else, like the treadmill.

    For me the challenge is just to be held accountable because without checking in I would not know how I was doing, really.

    I am sorry about your mom. My mom is and has been unhealthy for years now. She is bedridden. My dad helps her, but he is aging so himself. Both have heart problems. The other day my dad couldn't remember the name of which grandson was which. Sad.

    Oh, and get ready...my children are grown, but one never stops being a mom. That's a hard thing but mostly a GOOD thing.
    578 days ago
    582 days ago
    You have your hands full with Lucy and Brie. I think Hagrid and I are connected. I like to ride too and prefer nice cars and luxuries though I don't get either.

    You know how I feel about challenges - no can do!

    I hope you feel better soon. I'm still reading a lot.

    Sorry to hear about your mom. I worry that my memory is slipping. My husband's is not.

    I need to use makeup but don't. Need to try more new recipes but seldom do.

    Our son was like your older son and we had to light a fire under him as we envisioned him still unemployed and living with us at 40.

    585 days ago
  • JUSTME29
    Gestapo mom. lol I have a few like that - I'd rather be in regular contact than have a parent that freaks out on my at the end of the quarter because they didn't pay attention for 2 months and now they care. Your kiddo won't like it, but he'll see how serious you are about his grades.

    That has to be so hard to see your mom decline.

    The summer I was 16 my dad told me "not to make any plans until I found a job". I was dating a boy my parents didn't like and I hadn't been putting any effort into looking for a job. I had a job like 2 days later. lol. It can be hard to find a summer job though, so good luck to him.
    585 days ago
    being a mom is hard work, it is not our job to be their friend , that comes later! emoticon
    585 days ago
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