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Things are on the up!!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Things are on the up....
On the seventh of January this year, after being off Spark for over a year due to ill health, I blogged that I was 'happy to be back'.
I posted one more blog on the fifteenth and then my good intentions crumbled away...not really of my doing as ill health took hold again.
I'm now feeling better and I finally feel able to get back to losing the last fifty pounds and hopefully will continue to blog my way through it as I did before.

It began with me feeling very sleepy and lethargic, I had a splitting headache which just would not shift, a worrying reddish-purple rash which didn't go away when a glass was pressed to it, my white blood cell count was sky high and my blood sugar rose from my usual five to twenty three so lots of tests ensued.
After weeks of blood tests they finally decided it was a nasty old virus and not anything more sinister but it certainly knocked me for six for a couple of months.
I've finally got my blood sugar back under control but I have to take more medication now and my retinopathy eye tests came back clear.

My back was getting very painful again too so I've had another back procedure, and though it hasn't worked as well as last time I'm relatively pain free with just my usual 'background' pain that I can manage.

I have arthritis in various places and my shoulder has been very painful...I couldn't lift my left arm much above waist height since the stroke so I've had an injection in the shoulder joint which has relieved the pain and I can now use my arm in the proper way. It seems I had a bursa on the muscle which raised my arm, probably caused by falling on it when I had the stroke and not the actual stoke itself.

I still need an op. on my right ankle.
There's a cyst in the middle of my ankle joint which can, at times, restrict movement and cause pain and I also had an infection in the fibula bone just above the ankle plus an arthritis flare up. I had antibiotics first to clear the infection and then injections into it.
Happily both the arthritis flare up and infection have been remedied and, though I still have the cyst in the ankle, at the moment I have a pain free one with good mobility. I'm on the list awaiting a small op. to remove the cyst.

I also have BAM, bile acid malabsorption, and the medication no longer seemed to be working so I've been trying a new one which has helped enormously. I think I'm going to stick with it but I have a review in six weeks.

To celebrate DH took me for a drive and we had a slow meandering walk around the local mere, I can usually enjoy this walk quite well as there are lots of seats but I managed to do the whole circuit with just a couple of sits down...instead of the usual twenty...lol...
It was so good to be out in the fresh air with the trees leafed up and the flowers blooming.
We took it slowly as there were lots of little new borns to watch.

I know this spine problem is ongoing and the deterioration will eventually get worse and coupled with the arthritis and gout can be really debilitating so I've been on a three day pain management course which has helped me know my limits and when to ask for help instead of trying to do everything myself.

Today, only two weeks later, both my shoulder and my ankle are still pain free, my back is about the same as usual but I am more upright and not bent over like a little old lady.
I only take pain killers as and when instead of continually, I'm sleeping better, my blood sugar is back to my normal range, my BAM is once again under control and I feel well.
I'm enjoying life again.
I just wish the long hikes we used to take could be back on the agenda but I know they are now a thing of the past...I do miss them.

A few photos from our walk around the mere:

Greylag goose and goslings.

Greylag goslings.

Waterhen on nest.

Coot chicks.

Mute swan and cygnets.

Mallard and ducklings.

Mallard ducklings.

Peacock butterfly.

The path around the mere, plenty of seats!

Yellow iris pseudacorus in flower.

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