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Saturday Thoughts

Saturday, June 22, 2019

What a night!! Huge thunderstorm and a loud crash in the night that sat me bolt upright in bed! DH and I searched the house, but found nothing. Hoping the roof was not hit by something, we've had enough sudden expenses and need to be saving for hubby's medical need and vacation that is coming up soon!

Got in from taking Hope (Golden SDiT) outside for her 2nd time (we must go out twice every morning for our morning business, or it will get done in the house!! Not sure who is training who here...) and my youngest was up and outside with Pickles our 21 pound Beagle/Corgi mix. When we came in, he disappeared while I made more coffee and got Hope her meds (allergies). Pickles was licking his lips coming down the stairs as we were going up, and I knew. I had left the office door open a crack because I did not know DD was up... and he went in and ate ALL of Hope's food!! That is more than twice the amount he is supposed to eat!! Can't get her more right now, it would wake DH (I fill her bowl the night before) and Saturday is his sleeping in day. So I filled one of her toys with treats to distract her, I'll wait for at least an hour before I go get her some more food. I might do several short trainings so that she can get treats to keep her from getting too hungry between now and then.

Speaking of Hope, I'm afraid I may have to 'wash' her. That means basically that she is deemed unable to be trained as a service dog. I was unable to train her for so long, and the trainer disappeared (literally, would not respond to any form of contact), I developed some new chronic conditions and had surgery. She is terrified of going out the front door. She will go, unwillingly, as far as the car. Then she starts struggling and throws a major tantrum and will try to low crawl/claw her way back to the door. I found a new trainer (who is SO much cheaper I'm kicking myself for paying the last one so much) that is local and will come to the house once a week starting in mid-July (if I agree to send her to one of his training camps later when I can afford it, those are expensive - she is in heat now, so no trying to take her in the neighborhood, don't want to be attacked by amourous dogs!!). He thinks we can get her over this stumbling block, but I just don't know if it is possible. She is so terrified. I've asked the service dog community I am part of what they think. I love this dog, but, if I could start all over, I would do so many things differently!! Though I have to realize a lot of things were out of my control. And, if I wash her, I'll have to give her up. DH won't let me have two dogs. I don't know what to do. I guess for now I'll do what I can and try the new trainer, but she is so terrified, I'm not sure I have the physical strength to keep her from bolting when we go outside. And the kids have undone so much of the training I did. I was very specific about the rules when it came to her. I repeat the rules over and over, and did all the time back then as well. Still they did things like sneak her food from the table (NO HUMAN FOOD! Service dogs are not allowed to beg, so just keeping them from eating human food except certain treats is best, and absolutely no feeding at the table!) So now when no one is looking, and sometimes even when they are, she will get on a chair and get to the food on the table, and has even stolen food from the counters!! Having to go back to basics in a lot of ways, and may even have to keep her on a leash in the house for a while, till she learns that she is supposed to stay with me for the most part, and to not get up on the table.

Today I have a lot to do, we ended up not getting done what I wanted to get done yesterday, but that was in large part because I got up at 2 AM and could not go back to sleep. I took a nap, but when I lose that much sleep it leaves my mind scattered. ODD cooked her first family meal, despite DH telling me not to do that because he didn't want her ruining that much food. She did wonderful, and it was very tasty. I'm hoping that learning to cook (I walk her through the steps as needed, but try to give her as much free room as possible) will help boost her self confidence. She really needs it. But then again, she is 13. YDD made light rye bread. I did taste it, just a bite (can't not taste my DD's baking!), and it was very good. She over kneaded it the last time, and didn't leave it for it's second rise long enough, so it was very dense, but still tasty. She didn't want me helping her much, so I gave her a lot of room, but next time will walk her through the steps.

I also purged my makeup yesterday, and gave what I did not want to my girls. YDD is too young (to me) for more than lip gloss, and ODD is now allowed eyeshadow, if it is a reasonable shade, and mascara and some lipsticks. I gave her some other things to try at home only so that she can be practicing with makeup and such if she wants to. I'll allow her to get on my computer to watch tutorials on Youtube (it's blocked on her computer for various reasons). They are growing up so fast!!

Okay, time to go write my 'brain dump' (write out all that is on my mind, that i need/want to get done or whatever is on my mind, then organize and prioritize everything, or assign it to whoever else can help me get it done). Like I said, not a lot got done yesterday, so need to get some things done today while also making sure to take time to relax. It is the weekend after all!!

Hope you have a great weekend and thank you for reading my blog!!

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    I hope things have gone better this day, and in the morning! emoticon
    245 days ago
    I'm praying the new trainer will be able to help Hope get on track with her training. emoticon
    245 days ago
    good morning
    we have had rain for almost 2 months farmers no planting then tornado and 2 earthquakes
    we were not damaged but visiting the sights of those that did is so sad
    245 days ago
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