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Happy Super Early Monday!

Monday, June 24, 2019

Remember, you can do hard things, like make coffee before you have had any coffee!!

It's one of those mornings, been up since 2 AM, wide awake, and my brain going so fast it is hard to catch on to one thought and keep it.

Today is deep clean, declutter, and organize the kitchen day. Something I've been wanting to do for a while, because as long as it is cluttered and unorganized, it will keep getting messier and messier. Plus I want to get out my aerogarden and start growing my own herbs again, to have fresh herbs for cooking and baking. We have a limited amount of kitchen counter space and I think a lot of the stuff in the kitchen should be other places, and some just needs to be donated or thrown out.

We plan out our week on Sunday's, mostly stuff for me and the kids to do on certain days, like movie day, pamper day, those kinds of things. Didn't have anything planned to put down for today, so I'm making it a cleaning day. We clean each morning, no electronics till morning chores are done, but the kitchen never seems to get caught up. Today, it will be. I do have a migraine starting, but I'm hoping that it will be easily gotten rid of or that it will stay mild. Or at the very least I can hopefully make it till lunch break and lay down ant take my meds then. But I won't be stubborn and let it get bad, if it starts to get worse, I'll take a break and take care of it.

We think that Hope is finally out of heat! Hooray! We are still going to wait another week to restart her training in the neighborhood, just to be on the safe side, but she is not acting as mopey as she was, though she is still a little bit.

Today I'm going to make a recipe I found for fudgy-Paleo brownies. Yum. They look really good. I can't wait to see how they taste! If they turn out good, I'll post a link to the recipe on here.

Still working on the book Do It Scared, by Ruth Soukup. Wow. I have three big goals, with one of them being my really big goal. I'm starting out my new blog, hopefully DH will have it up and running this week, and that will give me practice on how to work with one. Whether anyone reads it or not I don't know if it matters at this point, it will mainly be for me to get used to making myself do weekly blogs, get used to the format and things I can do with a blog, and all that comes with it. Eventually, years down the road when I open my online shop, I will have a blog to go with it, and will want to be used to blogging to keep up with it. My main big goal is to learn to sew so well that I can open my own online shop. My other two goals are to lose weight/get in shape and to train my dog Hope to become my service dog. I'm not giving up on either of those, and am going to make working out, eating right, and training my dog part of my daily habits. As well as learning something new about sewing every day. Watch at least one youtube video every day, or read part of one of the books I have on the subject every day, to get me that much closer. I do want to take classes, but that will have to wait till other financial things are taken care of, and till I can drive again.

Speaking of, time for me to go make myself another cup of 'magic potion' ot wake me up enough to get moving!!

Happy Monday! Hope the beginning of your week is blessed and full of promise and hope!!


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