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Just Between You And Me

Thursday, June 27, 2019

I'm not telling ANYONE but my SP friends about my new goals for eating, exercising, and staying away from excuse-making. I'm sure everyone has heard it before, and either won't believe me,or will have something negative to say, or both. Even my husband, much as I love him, will have something negative to say about my past attempts. So I'm just going to bypass that, and share this only with you guys and write my details out here. Hope you don't mind. :) I feel like this is the one place I will be heard, understood, and encouraged.

I'm going to go to two shakes a day and one sensible, small meal. I had talked to my bariatric surgeon about doing this and he told me I could do it for one month, and then go back to one shake a day and two small meals. No more than a month. I didn't do it at the time, but now, well, now I have the motivation to do it. Mainly, it is to shrink my stomach back to the size it is supposed to be, but also to get me back to getting the amount of protein I'm supposed to be getting every day. And it will make meal prep so much easier, for at least two meals, lol.

I'm working on a morning routine. I like the part of my morning where I drink my coffee and do SP, but maybe I'm spending too much time on SP? I don't think so, I feel like I spend less time than I used to. None of my teams are as active as they used to be, though I left one and joined a new one - a sewing one. I'm hoping to get more active in it. I want my morning coffee time to also be time for my devotional and possibly Bible reading time, not sure if I want to do that in the morning or at night. But my devotional has a morning and evening part, so reading the Bible could be either. I will be reading the Bible after dinner with the kids. Was supposed to start last Saturday but... no more excuses, things just didn't work out that way, but they are going to tonight. I'm going to use this time to have my nightly cup of tea. It seems I have a max number of words I can use a day, and anything beyond it I start to lose my voice, so hot tea while reading to my kids is a must, lol. Before bed routine is going to include some stretching/yoga, to help me relax into sleepy-mode as well. I'm still working on what all I need to include. I don't want to make either elaborate, but I want to include what I need to in order to wake and be successful in my day and relax and be in the mood for a good night's sleep.

So, after my coffee settles and I'm done with my morning scheduling and devotional, I'm going to go workout, just an easy walk on the treadmill for however long feels comfortable while I listen to a motivational podcast, followed by lots of stretching. I'm taking it easy and will start on the weights and strength training next week - still looking for exactly what I want to do, but I've got some good ideas. I really need to work on core strength and stability, but really overall strength as well. I'm currently a weakling. That is not a good way to put it.... I currently have a lot of room for improvement. There, that sounds better!!

I feel like I could easily go back to sleep... I was awake a good part of the night. I stayed in bed, and was super tired, but just could not fall asleep. I think the new meds mix I'm taking will work, I just think it will take time (and a less caffeinated me, lol). I'll set an alarm for an hour or so, giving myself plenty of time to get ready for the day and still get my morning routine done. I jut know that sleep is one of the key components I'm missing right now, and I need to work on getting my body used to getting a normal amount of it again. Not an excuse, but giving myself the grace to get the sleep I need. I read a thing that Ruth Soukup wrote on the differences between grace and excuses.

I worked through almost all of my goals workbook yesterday. There is still a lot to be done as far as working on my road map to my goals, but this was a good start. I know I need to put my goals first every day, my A list of things to do, my top priorities, things that will get me that tiny step closer to achieving my end result.

Ah, before I rattle on about that, I'm going to go ahead and reset my alarm for an hour and go take that quick morning nap, I feel like I could ooze into a puddle of snores!

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday, with no excuses!!

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