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Vacation So Far...

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Took me two days to recover from the brain fog I get after having seizures. Today we went out to breakfast, got woken up early (the one day I decided to go back to sleep and managed it) my MIL saying we were leaving at 7 and it was shortly before that time.... we didn't leave till almost 9 and the place had barely opened when we got there.

Was doing good this morning, went to a candy store after breakfast, and I wanted a caramel apple and picked up a box of fruit gels, just like when I was a kid (they are not as good as I remember them being). Well, DH checked out our stuff while I helped the kids check out their stuff (they have their own cards), and DH decided not to get me the caramel apple. Or the candied orange peels. Granted, that is a lot of sugar, but it barely cost a thing. And he put all of the money into an account that only he has a card for, so I could not go and buy the apple myself. I was so upset and disappointed. I've decided that once I go Paleo, there is going to be no going back for me. So this will be one of my last few chances to have a caramel apple. Plus, it didn't have peanuts on it, and that is rare, and peanuts tear up my stomach now.

And I let that disappointment sour my mood for the rest of the morning and into the afternoon as we were dragged from one tourist trap attraction to another. I didn't want to go to all these tourist trap attractions in the first place. I am from the REAL TN. I have been to REAL quilt shops, mennonite shops, all the places that they turn into carnie-like attractions here, I've been to the real deal, hidden in the hollows and back roads of the towns around where I grew up. Granted, the Smokey Mountains are wonderful, but I'd rather stay here at our cabin, or go to some off the beaten trail B & B near Natchez Trace Trail than this place. The worst kind of people come from all over (granted there are some good people too, but so many are so thoughtless and only care about themselves!!) to tourist traps like this. And my MIL loves it here.

And to top it off, when we got back, after refusing to buy me the few things I wanted, and then refusing to buy me a latte so I could at least get some more coffee in me, DH had the gall to tell me how grumpy I had been all morning (granted I probably was, but I had made up my mind to not let MIL drag me all over, yet here I am, exhausted from doing just that).

And I've had no time to myself. Not really. I really wanted time to relax and work on my planner and my routine. I really want to have a good outline of possible routines with variations for if one thing doesn't work, how to change it or things to tweak to make it work noted and plans laid out, so I can jump into it right after we get home.

Morning view, having coffee the first morning. Had a nice time with MIL just relaxing and having coffee before SIL's girlfriend woke up (small rant, she has my kids calling her 'aunt' now, grrrr):

Picture from loft sitting area where I 'relax' before bed or sit when I wake up in the middle of the night or early AM:

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