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Vacation Update

Friday, July 12, 2019

Pictures to come after vacation is over, the wifi here is SO slow!! I had signed up for a free webinar on parenting that is supposed to be amazing for the next stage we are moving into - the teen years!! But, I tried to watch a video that was only 4 minutes long on another site and it stopped every 5 seconds, so I figure a live feed is more than the wifi here can handle. Hopefully there will be another one soon!!

I managed a Do It Scared moment!! I went on a huge ferris wheel!! I'm afraid of heights, they give me anxiety attacks, these mountain roads have been giving me fits! But I made up my mind I was going to do it - and I did!! It was spectacular! It helped that it was enclosed, air conditioned, and the windows were tinted. It was a smooth ride too. My youngest DD dug in her heels at the last minute and pitched a fit about not wanting to go. I tried to reassure her, but that just made her acting out worse, so FIL all but picked her up and moved her along the line (fortunately there was no line ahead of us). I could have shot MIL for one of the things she said, I swear sometimes she has no emotional bandwidth at all!! I felt bad for DD, but it was very obvious she was causing a scene just to do so. I was so thankful FIL had hung back with me! And, even though she would not admit it, I could tell she actually enjoyed it, but she stuck to her guns and pouted the whole time.

We split into two groups because they wanted to go to an arcade, and I was very adamant that I was not risking another seizure by purposefully going into a place that could cause one with all the flashing lights. So we went to the 'market' area and wandered into a few stores. I found some things I wanted, so did MIL, in a 'patriot' store - all made in the USA, mostly by veterans. I wanted to take the kids to some of the places we found further in, but then it started raining. We just managed to catch the last trolley, with YDD in my lap, before it took off. My side was soaked by the time we made it to our stop!!

I have not yet managed to do some of the planning and such that I wanted to work on. I'm going to make time to do so today. I have not been able to crochet either. I probably could have yesterday, but I ate some nuts and they tore my stomach up, so I had to go lay down. I'm hoping that I can make time today, and I'll work on it on the drive home.

I'm not getting much sleep, I mentioned that the bed is a full, not the queen we were promised, and DH and I are used to a King, so he sprawls out and I get kicked and elbowed a lot. Plus, the bedding is thin, and I can't use my weighted blanket any more. It goes over on DH's side of the bed too much, but if I have it hanging off of the bed it pulls at me and is heavier feeling. Plus, I've been having horrible nightmares since we got here. It has made me grouchy, but so has the presence of SIL's girlfriend. I do not like her, she is always right, super liberal, must be the center of attention, loves to make a scene (we went out to breakfast and sausage gravy came with her meal, she could have said to leave it out, but instead made a huge scenes about 'someone take this, get it away from me!!' I gladly took it - she is vegetarian) and I just don't enjoy being around her at all.

I miss my dog. I miss her constantly checking on me. I have a plan forming in the back of my mind on how to train her out of this fear stage she is in. I'm hoping it works. I need a service dog, and I don't have the money to buy a new dog, and I don't think DH would let me anyway, lol. I plan on keeping her with me at all times, even if that means keeping her on a leash in the house. Now to some, that may sound mean, but you have to remember that she is supposed to be learning her job as a service dog. Plus, soon the kids will be in school and I can't have her wandering the house by herself (or with the other dog) because I might not here the bell if she rings it to go out and if she doesn't get taken out right away, there is a place in the living room she will go. But if she is upstairs with me, she has other ways of letting me know that she needs to go out. Plus, I'm planning a schedule and a timer for taking her out and training time so that she goes out and gets plenty of exercise and time to go potty.

Amazon is sneaky, LOL. They gave me $5 off of a book in my book wishlist, so I HAD to get it, LOL. It is one I've been really wanting to read, a recommendation from Ruth Soukup, so I'm happy to have it. Plus the fictional series I've been reading I have to wait till Sept. for the next book to come out, I've caught up with it. I've read plenty of books for pleasure now, so time to get back to reading for motivation and learning!

OH! The webinar I wanted to watch just sent me a reminder with a link to request a replay!! Hopefully the replay will still be there when I get home. I'm still not happy that we are staying the full week. DH had wanted to go home today, and the dogs time at boarding would be so much cheaper if we took three days off of it!! You don't want to know how much it is costing us!!

Okay, nobody is awake still, so I'm going to grab some more coffee (DH was kind enough to grab some Black Rifle Coffee Company pods for me - the actual coffee pot here takes forever, and I LOVE BRCC) and start working on possible routines and filling out my schedule.

OH! Suggestions for a care package for my friend would be more than welcome!! She is overwhelmed and stressed, and was told by her therapist and doctor that she needed to take time for herself and to relax. Her idea was to take one of her sleeping pills and turn off her phone and just sleep for a day. While getting sleep is a great start for her, I want to send her a care package with things to help give her ideas, or things she can do. I'm thinking face mask (both mud and sheet, because I don't know which she would prefer), lotion... tea bags, but I'm not sure what kind of tea to send her, maybe a sampler? I found a blog post on 'The Lost Art of Taking a Bath' and sent it to her (and read it myself, I can't wait till the neurologist clears me to take baths again now!!).

Hope you have a wonderful TGIF and are enjoying the last month before school starts and that it is not too hot where you are!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    That is so great that your FIL stepped in to help you with your DD. It's nice to have back up in cases like that.
    I'm hoping you find some time for yourself. I know how important self care is for you. emoticon
    228 days ago
    So glad you said No to the Arcade! People just don't understand disabilities that they cannot see up front. I have a golden, and yes they are scaredy cats, but my dog loves his walks now because we have done them for 12years. He will want to turn around and go home if he hears trucks or any kind of construction equipment, unless I make him, usually not worth all the pulling a 75lb dog can manage. It just takes time, patience and a lot of work. Consistency is key. They really want to make you happy. I hope you get some sleep and things are more enjoyable for you. Good job for facing fears!
    229 days ago
    enjoy your vacation and yes boarding a dog is expensive we try not too for our st bernard
    weather hot in Ohio no rain we need it
    no vacation for us I just cant get into a car travel miles and think this will be ok
    229 days ago
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