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Doesn't everyone think like I do? My dishes, and eternity ...

Friday, July 12, 2019

Doesn't everyone think like I do?

I chipped a dish the other day. I wanted to throw it out, but my wife wanted to keep it, just in case we still needed it. So I put it at the bottom of the stack. I'll use all the other ones first before that one. You almost never get to it as the other ones on top get used, washed and put back on top.

Still that last chipped dish at the bottom is always nagging me, even if I never get to it.

Then my thoughts drift. Won't all the dishes eventually be broken? I may be dead and long gone, but they will fall in someone else's hand, or get thrown in the garbage and chip ... something is sure to happen eventually right, maybe in a landfill, crushed somehow?

Then my thoughts drift even further. Perhaps, just perhaps a dish will survive unbroken until the end of the universe. The sun will burn out in about 5 billion years, turn into a red giant, consuming Mercury, Venus and Earth, after that just cool down. Then comes the heat death of the universe. For my dishes to survive that ... maybe they have a better chance if I bury them in the back yard, away from human eyes. Yes, yes, not a great chance, but a better chance.

I think I'll start with that one chipped dish, bury it in the backyard, and imagine that until the end of time it suffers no further damage. Just don't tell my wife about how I think about things, ... and don't tell her about that chipped dish.

Doesn't everybody think like I do?

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    Shoot, if it wasn't for chipped dishes, we would be using paper plates!! Especially when I was growing up, in frequent contact with my Grandparents who were quick to remind us that they had SURVIVED the Great Depression of the 1930's. To hear them talk, they "invented" recycling - Use it up, Fix it up, or Do Without. Or some variation of that quote. My dad repaired stuff with WD-40 or with Duct Tape. Grandparents used egg whites to glue stuff together. My husband's dad used bailing wire to fix stuff. We had to merge our household when we married, so we use duct tape, bailing wire, rubber bands, WD-40, and now we use JB Weld to glue a lot of stuff together... or Gorilla Glue and their sidekick Gorilla Tape (also known as "Oklahoma Chrome" - it's what holds the fenders together on the SUV!!).

    396 days ago
  • -JAMES-
    yee gads ... my favourite work shirt has some holes in it. Looks like acid splashed on it (the lower part of it, the part that you could almost tuck into you pants ... so not mid chest.

    Of course I keep that shirt, ... its a favourite.
    398 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/15/2019 12:02:09 AM
  • BJAEGER307
    398 days ago
    Well some dishes it doesn't bother me but I am a tad sentimental about some things like I had a Rooster cup collection one of them the handle came off so I used it for a pen cup instead on my desk, if it falls off and break I'll liable throw the whole collection out emoticon But Yes my wife is the same she will keep everything that is sentimental, it is funny how we hold on to some things. if we have a hole in our favourite work-shirt do we throw it out? lol
    399 days ago
    My father always used to say "No breakers, no makers"
    399 days ago
    399 days ago
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