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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

This morning I made the decision to finally go for it and take some action to get this weight off of me. Two years ago I went through something very traumatic and I had turned to food for comfort. In 2015 I had weighed 132lbs. I have put on more than 100lbs in 4 years. I’m ashamed and embarrassed. I had turned to food and alcohol for comfort. I can’t even look at pictures of me when I was skinny because I see someone who no longer exists. I’m just a shadow of her now. I had been overweight in high school and successfully lost the weight after graduating and had kept it off for 3 years by consistently eating healthy and doing cardio every single day. Everything was going great for me until 2 years ago. I’ll explain that in a later blog. For now, I’m just wanting to focus on my future and what I can do in the present moment. I’m going to take this step by step and allow myself to grow stronger everyday. Today was successful. This morning I got out of the house and took my first walk. I only did 20 minutes but by time I finished I was pouring sweat and my legs were burning. I started my sparkpeople page and documented everything I ate. I didn’t cut back on my food today because I wanted to see how my current eating habits are impacting me. Today i consumed 45 extra calories than my body could burn off. I didn’t get enough fiber or protein and my vitamin consumption was extremely low. My sodium intake was off the charts. Tomorrow’s goal will be to get enough fiber and protein while reducing my carb and sodium intake. I will walk tomorrow morning as well. 20 minutes tomorrow and day after tomorrow, then increase it by another 10 minutes. I also see that I need to be drinking way more water. Tomorrow’s water goal will be to drink at least 3 glasses instead of 1 as I did today.
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