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Friday and Stuff

Friday, July 19, 2019

Thank you for those that showed support on my blog yesterday. Depression really sucks. I messaged my psychiatrist and will probably get a sooner appointment with him. I got my results from my last labs for a medication that is for my bipolar and my seizures... and it is 10 points below the minimum level they want you at. I don't know how. It must be that it is a delayed release medication (did not know this before) and I've had gastric bypass. The two don't work together. I don't know what my psych doc was thinking keeping me on it. On top of that, I may have diverticulitis. Going for a CT scan soon.

I also got a referral for a 2nd opinion from a neurologist on my migraines and seizures. The migraines increased the same time the seizures started (about- I'm bad with memory sometimes). My current neurologist isn't even paying attention to my seizures, and seems to just want to sell me botox for my migraines. It works for a while, but then they come right back. And I have near constant migraines when the botox is not working. I've never had migraines this bad before - I mean, near constant migraines they usually come and go and don't last for weeks at a time (at least not for a long time, years and years ago), and the seizures are more frequent when I have migraines. I know the two have to be linked, but this guy won't listen to me. So, 2nd opinion it is. Now only problem, is I can't drive till a neurologist okays me to. And I have no idea how long it will take to get in with the new doctor.

And the doctor checked me out and said it is a virus. Best thing to do is let it run it's course, take tylenol for the fever, and see her if I'm not better in a week. Ugh. Worst virus I've had in a long time. So bad that I am shaking half the time and the first three days I could not get out of bed except to go to the bathroom and even then it was difficult. But I'm making myself get up in time to get the kids started on getting back into their routines and being used to being up and moving. Plus we have company coming to stay with us soon, so I need their help getting the house ready. I hope company waits a week or two, I'm exhausted. It's a friend whose Mom just passed and I think she just wants to visit and get out of the area she's been staying where she has been helping her Mom, who had cancer. I'm just praying it is after I have the energy to get the house cleaned up for their visit!

I have not been able to start training my dog, Hope, since I've been so sick, but she has been a doll, constantly checking on me, curling up in bed with me, trying to sleep on my head to help me feel better, LOL. She knows when I have a migraine and tries to help by laying on my head, I've finally got her just laying her head on my head, but she has to really restrain herself not to lay directly on top of me. She wants to help so bad, but doesn't know how. I've got to learn how to teach her how to help with this at least, so that she will feel better. We have stopped task training and are working on confidence training and learning 'tricks' to help boost her confidence too. She loves doing commands to get treats and I think it will really help her. I've been given hope that she still may be able to be a service dog, it will just take longer since we have to work on her confidence in going out. Whatever the last trainer did when she took her out for public access, I truly despise her for it. Something obviously happened to make my dog afraid and instead of owning up to it and helping us through it, she vanished. But now I have learned, I will never allow a trainer to take my dog somewhere without me. She said it was normal and how things were done, so I believed her. Won't do that again. It's going to take a while, but my new trainer said that it is something that we can work through.

I'm signing up (yikes, need to do that asap!!) for a bariatric monthly subscription box.It is from a site I buy from regularly, and I love the idea of being able to try new things without having to buy a whole box, because too many times I've bought something thinking of how good it will be and it has not only been inedible, but no refund available. That is too much money to waste. They have it where you can look at previous boxes and I so wish I'd known about it sooner!! I'd love to try some of the things that I saw!!

So today, I'm going to be getting the kids to help with getting the house back in shape, while getting them back into morning routine of getting up and getting ready first thing and not taking forever to do it. We are waking up earlier each week, 0700 this week, and 0600 next week. I won't wake them up earlier than that till school starts. I'm going to have to check how long my "before waking the kids" things will take. I'm going to drink a cup of coffee, do my morning devotional, and pray and work a little in my prayer journal. Not much. I don't want to be waking up an hour before them like I did last year. Maybe 15 minutes. I'm also getting ODD an alarm clock for her birthday. So that she can set an alarm for a few minutes after I wake her up, to make sure she gets out of bed (she has been known to fall back asleep and me not realize it till much later). The goal with that is that next year, junior high, she will be getting herself up. We talked about them getting more independence yesterday, and one of the ways we are going to do that is work on making a list of things they frequently get in trouble for, and come up with a consequence that is related to that problem. That way they know the consequence and if they choose to not follow the rules, they will know it is their choice to get the consequence. I'm sure DH and I will have to work on the list as well, make it an agreement the kids sign and understand or something like that. I want them to know I'm not arbitrarily 'punishing' them, but that there are consequences for their actions. DH used the example that he can choose not to go to work or to not do his work and goof off, but the consequence will be that he will lose his job, and word of his lack of work ethic will get around and no one will want to hire him. That is life. That is how it works. And so many people don't teach their kids this and we end up with people who think the world owes them something. Okay, stepping off my soap box now, LOL.

I have been reading for fun for a while now and am finding it hard to get back to my educational and motivational book. It's a good book, but not as fun as what I was reading. Plus, being sick as I am, my brain is not working as well. I may need to wait till I'm feeling better to read it, so I can actually understand it, LOL.

Well, I think I'm finally tired enough to sleep a bit more before the alarms go off, so off to bed with me!

Hope you have a great Friday!

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