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my first time

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

hello fellow sparkers.

first time blogging here ... don't know who is watching, but welcome.

i have a tale as old as time. about 8 years ago i started down the path of weight loss in a backward/accidental way. i was angry all the time and bitchy and bitter and didn't like it. for some reason it led me to a gym - burn off all that hate - and in the course of 16 months i lost close to half my body weight. i maintained for about 3 years and then it started returning. part of it was me and my choices, part of it was health related. either way, it just was.

fast forward to may 10th. there was something going on with my eyelid - turned out to be a stye - but for the first time in my life my blood pressure was high. like HIGH. and i was immediately put on medication. not cool. i immediately refocused - dropped my diet soda habit, cut back on sodium and calorie intake. i knew what i had to do because i'd done it before so it wasn't shocking - more of a return to normal. but this time i was going it on my own because last time i felt like a pet project and somewhat smothered under peer pressure - and i said no more with that bs. my terms, my way.

and i found you. and the support from the system and the encouragement from all of you. and you have been generous in your praise, support and gentle advice. and i value the diversity in people, stories, ideas and paths.

and today i made my 5th visit to the doctor since may 10th and can happily report that the blood pressure is where it should be. i thanked the doctor for being so proactive and thoughtful as we worked through it together - and the doctor thanked me for working so hard. he gave "75% credit to the changes" that i had made and the other 25% to the medication therapy that he prescribed.

it feels good. it feels scary. it feels familiar. it feels powerful.

and. importantly. it feels good to know you're all out there. emoticon
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