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Moving back to England.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

I thought I would re-read the blogs I wrote in July / August of 2013 when we moved over to Ireland. I thought it would be interesting to see what my thought were around that time compared to my thought right now.

When I moved to Ireland I weighed 54kg. On moving back to England I weigh 58kg. (For pounds, just multiply by two, more or less). So, I did gain weight. If one just looks at the numbers (I gained 8.8 pounds).

In 2015 I had a baby. I gained 12kg (25 pounds) and I managed to lose all of it, but then settled in at around 56kg until the beginning of this year, when I really began to struggle with my emotional health, and interestingly, suffered from a running injury that left me unable to run for almost 6 months. There is a definite correlation between my emotional health and being able to exercise.

My focus during this move has been anything but my eating. Indeed, when I read the earlier blogs it looks like all the things I was least worried about took more of a fore than my diet. Then I read my blog about self-motivation.


How true. How interesting to read me talking about the importance of staying within my calorie range, which is something that I'm so fluid with at this point. Perhaps I should take my own advise? Or about not listening to that voice which says, "go on, one more won't hurt". I listen to that voice a lot, now.

There are other things, now. I return to England with a PhD and a son (and a cat, wasn't expecting that one!). I return to England to work as a post-doctoral researcher - another amazing opportunity. So, whilst I return to England 4kg heavier, I also bring with me some really exciting fruits from our time in Ireland. We took a step back from the rat race, relaxed and had a baby! I achieved the dream of the PhD and now, I'm focused on a post-doctoral journey, which was looking quite unachievable only a few months ago.

But, I have to self-motivate myself to eat within my calorie range. This is not easy. I'm using the tools, but still not eating within range. I think it is time to start.

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